September Hauls

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lavlilacs 2016 September beauty haul

I hope this doesn't become the new norm. Sharing hauls, yes. Buying too much, no. But hey! At least some of the new stuff I got last month were free.

lavlilacs 2016 September beauty haul - Skin, body, and hair care
Moroccanoil Treatment Light, Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment Toner,
Peter Thomas Roth Strawberry Scrub Fruit Enzyme Polisher

The part of the haulage that I actually paid for: Sephora skincare, hair care, and body care goodies. I have been meaning to try Moroccanoil for a long, long time. It was so popular (what seems like years ago now) but the price was always a little too intimidating for someone who barely takes care of her hair. The difference now? There is the slight incentive of earning points at Sephora whilst also getting eBates. Shopping excuses. Ha!

As for the Kate Somerville toner and Peter Thomas Roth scrub...well I have been running low on those two types of products and they are both brands I have always been interested in trying. Acne hasn't been a very good friend lately and breakouts are too frequent a sightings on my face. Hopefully, the toner and scrub can help a girl out. I can dream.

lavlilacs 2016 September beauty haul - Makeup
essence the velvets eyeshadow you better mauve!, essence all about chocolates eyeshadow palette,
pop beauty Ink Outliner, Dior Rouge Lipstick 999 Matte

On to the freebies that found their way into my hands in September. The Dior mini lipstick was a promo item that I chose from This is probably the only scenario where I would be more than willing to add a lipstick to my makeup collection. Now let's see when I will actually be brave enough to wear a bold bright red matte color out.

It was hard to say no when my Aunt asked if I wanted any color makeup freebies. To be honest, I was expecting common drugstore items. I was intrigued when a bunch of essence and pop beauty products fell out of the bag she handed me. There were a bunch of blushes and nail polish as well but I have plenty of blushes in my stash already. Maybe I will see if any friends are interested in those, if not then for future a giveaway. The standouts were definitely the eyeshadows: something I don't have a ton of and in not extremely bold colors. I am a little iffy on the eyeliner though. Liquid ones have never been my forte, so forget about a fat chubby marker type. I guess it doesn't hurt to give it another try since there were two in the bag.