December Hauls - May Coop

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What can I say? After splurging on the tria Hair Removal Laser 4X, I told myself that I would hold off on buying any beauty related goodies until I finished that particular type of product. But gosh is it hard to resist those darn end-of-the-year holiday sales!

All the beauty shops, whether online or in-store, had multiple promotions running in December. I tried desperately to not check my sales e-mail and hoped to avoid overspending. Sephora was ultimately the instigator. When I found out that VIB members would have a $20 off $50 gift card to spend, my interest was piqued and my brain couldn't stop lusting over "necessary" skincare products.

lavlilacs 2016 December beauty haul

I felt I absolutely needed some products in my arsenal to battle the dry winter season. May Coop  Raw Sauce came under my radar via Sephora's K-Beauty page. The promise of "hydrating softener" sounded very fitting for any impending parched skin. Heres to hoping the special maple tree sap will work some wonders as NYC gets colder.

Since an essence would definitely not have been enough to be the standalone barrier between my skin and the natural elements, I wound up getting May Coop Raw Moisturizer from Peach & Lily as well. It was inconvenient to not find the rest of May Coop's lineup at Sephora. Luckily, Peach & Lily had a 12 days of Christmas promo and one of the days they offered 35% off popular hydrating products, which included the Raw Moisturizer.

The Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover was a bag filler of sorts. The May Coop Raw Sauce was $43 which meant I was short $7 from getting Free Shipping. It never hurts to have a little travel bottle of makeup remover at home, right? The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Blemish-less was a freebie via a promo code. I have heard good things about Laura Mercier's other foundation primers but this Blemish-less version was completely new to me. I wonder if it would really help with breakouts while also keeping foundation in-tact...

Side review: This was my first time ordering from Peach & Lily. They are a brand that I have followed recently and have heard fellow beauty blogs say good things about. I love their selection of indie Korean beauty brands and how tailored the website is towards different skin conditions. I was drawn by their introductory Peach Points offer, which essential gives new online customers $10 gift card to use towards the first purchase. However, I was a tad disappointed to find that I couldn't used both a promotion code (ex: % off) and the gift card for the same purchase. I do understand that it is probably to protect against coupon/promo abuse. But that just means if anyone buy a lot and accumulate many points, it wouldn't be usable during sales. Maybe I was being too greedy in thinking I could get a super good deal?