Dreaming of Sunny Days at Marina Bay

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Oh, Mister Sun. Sun. Mister Golden Sun. Please shine down on me. If I didn't know any better, I would think that Spring came a little early this year. I should just be glad that winter has only blessed us with a handful of chilly weather so far. Snow drifted by once or twice during the last two weeks or so. Otherwise, the Northeast seems to have been clouded with nothing but consistent gloom and rain.

This weather has left me thinking about Singapore more than ever. Because there has been a lack of sunshine lately, I have been missing the sunny tropical days spent there. Okay...maybe not so much the humidity. But after so many days of gray skies, I don't think I would mind it if we could get some sun in return. All the rainstorms reminded me of the giant downpours in Singapore. It was tolerable only because the wet weather never lasted all day. There was at least hope for a brighter day after the showers.

December being Singapore's rainiest month was news to me. Then again, I didn't know much about Singapore before visiting, let alone know what the country's weather would be like. I was just glad that the precipitation never stuck around. Escaping a cold home city to visit someplace warm would have been a let down if a big yellow ball of light wasn't peeking through clouds at the very least. All the colorful aspects of Singapore would have been washed out: traditional homes, foods, architecture, nature, etc.

lavlilacs Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay looks like something out of a science fiction movie from afar. The tall metal structure that flares and branches at the top, reaching towards the sky, while nestled amongst a dense cluster of trees. Maybe something that could be used as an observation/command tower or a glorified luxurious home of some tech mogul?

lavlilacs Singapore Gardens by the Bay Supertree Grove

In reality, the Supertrees are actually quite scientific and environmental. They aren't nearly big enough to be people's homes. But it is a residence of sorts for a lot of flora that grows up and around its metal trunks. It even has solar power and rainwater collection abilities working behind the scenes. The view from afar, up close, or up above are all equally as breathtaking.

lavlilacs Singapore Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest architecture

lavlilacs Singapore Marina Bay Sands daytime

lavlilacs Singapore Marina Bay Sands Helix Bridge walkway

I loved visiting Marina Bay. The main reason is being able to see the different sides of metropolis Singapore in a relatively small area. The second reason is how walkable and connected all corners of Marina Bay is despite being separated by the bay. Gardens and greenery in one direction. Unique architectural feats in another; Marina Bay Sands looking ship like and the ArtScience Museum reminiscent of a lotus flower. Then little ways away are a cluster of tall branded skyscrapers indicating a financial hub. Theaters, arts, and entertainment venues are seemingly footsteps away in another direction.

lavlilacs Singapore Marina Bay Sands nighttime lights show

Even after the sun sets and the sky becomes pitch black, Marina Bay still is surprisingly lively.