Look At Me Jelly Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++

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lavlilacs Look At Me Jelly Sunscreen SPF50 review

A sunscreen that promises broad spectrum protection while being jelly in texture and moisturizing in formulation sounds perfect in every way possible. Look At Me's Jelly Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ says it could do just that. It is a stark difference from the pasty and thick goop one typically associates with UV protection.

I was completely unaware of this brand and product before. There aren't even many reviews available on the internet. But since it was pretty affordable at oo35mm and it had a nice texture and finish, I was willing to give it a try. Plus, it didn't hurt that it seemed to be a mix of both chemical and physical sunscreens.

lavlilacs Look At Me Jelly Sunscreen SPF50 packaging

Look At Me's & TradeKorea's Descriptions:

Jelly Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF50 PA+++ cream with moisturizer is a broad spectrum protection and a light jelly type texture cream designed for daily use to keep skin protected against powerful UV rays. With its light texture it feels comfortable with no stickiness or greasy residue it keeps skin not only protected but hydrated, soothed wherever your day takes you.

Water Holding System
It moisturizes your skin first and protects the moist of your skin. Oil and moist of your skin is to balanced perfectly.

Outstanding Sun Protection
It creates a protective layer on your skin and it functions as a sun protection.

No Stickiness
It is not sticky at all since it is made of gel type and rather makes your skin smooth. Recommended for men and oily skin type.

For Sensitive Skin
Its main ingredients are natural ingredients so that it is suitable for acne, pimple skins.

1. After basic skin care, apply a good amount to areas that need intense care, such as the face, the neck and then make it absorbed into the skin by tapping it lightly.
2. Applying 30 minutes before going out is recommended. Apply additionally in case of being exposed to sun for long hours.


Sunscreen 50 ml

Lookatmecos.co.kr (Korean e-commerce): ₩25,300
BeautyBoxKorea: USD $23.42
oo35mm: USD $10.99
Amazon: ~USD $8.49 + $5 shipping

lavlilacs Look At Me Jelly Sunscreen SPF50 back of tube

lavlilacs Look At Me Jelly Sunscreen SPF50 tube opened


The product comes in a standard opaque tube with a twist off cap. Since the formula of the sunscreen is very light, it doesn't cling to the sides of the tube and I had no trouble squeezing the gel out until it was almost cleared.


This jelly sunscreen seems to be mainly water and aloe based. There are a bunch of other floral and plant extracts added as well. Witch hazel, hyaluronic acid, and fragrance are placed towards the end half of the ingredients list.

What isn't in the sunscreen: alcohol, mineral oil, and parabens.

The main UV protectors are ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate (octinoxate), titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Since Korean regulation doesn't require active ingredients be spelled out on its packaging, customers just have to trust companies when buying Korean made sunscreens. Some companies who have plans to market towards international/USA customers do print the sunscreen percentages on their package, but those are rare.

*I did find an Amazon review where one person claims to have gotten a reply from a seller of the Look At Me Jelly Sunscreen when inquiring about the percentages. The seller told the person that this product had 1% titanium dioxide, 2% zinc oxide, and 5% octinoxate. Whether it is true or not, I cannot say but just thought I'd share what I have come across.

lavlilacs Look At Me Jelly Sunscreen SPF50 swatch

Color, Texture, Finish, & Scent

The sunscreen has a cloudy translucent color straight out of the tube. Once it is blended it, like any other gel-type product, it becomes transparent and invisible to the eye. There is an aloe scent that goes away quickly after application. The product is unbelievably lightweight and easy to spread for something that is marketed to be a sunscreen.

Despite some e-commerce sites noting a "no stickiness" finish, I beg to disagree if applying a thick layer (which should be how it is applied). It isn't a wet/moist feel but there is an undeniable tacky feeling no matter how many hours pass by after applying—pressing a hand against it will result in some adhesion but there isn't any residue. I ultimately got into the habit of applying some translucent powder over top for good measure, but the feeling doesn't go away completely. It is almost like having constantly sticky skin due to sweat.

Unlike titanium dioxide- and zinc oxide-heavy sunscreens, this one is definitely very hassle-free in the sense that soap and scrubbing aren't necessary to wash it away. I do not have to spend a few extra minutes to thoroughly wash off my hands after application for fear of smearing creamy product everywhere. No sunscreen is waterproof, but this sunscreen is not even water resistant.

How I Apply

I prefer to apply a generous 4 finger lengths worth of sunscreen for my face and neck. I am not sure if this is the correct amount to get the most SPF benefits. Some websites say a nickel sized, some 1/4 teaspoon, some 1/2 tsp, some a full 1 tsp, and there are ones who say a whole tablespoon. I like to think the amount I use is about 1/4 tsp, at the very least; who has the time to actually measure in the morning?

Since it is so lightweight and the formulation seems pretty gentle, I have no problem applying it right over my eye area. Companies always say how only special products are to be used for the eye area. I have gotten to the point where finding a separate SPF for the eyes is a bother and needing to applying a separate product in my routine is one too many. I haven't noticed any major issues from applying non-eye products onto the eye area yet, but then again if what the beauty companies say is true the harm would be done for the long-haul.

Thoughts & Recommendations

Rather than thinking of this as a moisturizing sunscreen, I feel like the Look At Me sunscreen is more of a moisturizer with some SPF. I appreciate that the sunscreen seems to add extra moisturizing capabilities to my skin without looking oily or dewy. Not having to deal with a white cast makes switching to chemical sunscreens a real possibility. But the fact that it washes off so easily with water worries me a little if I choose to apply the Jelly Sunscreen on a very hot and humid summer day. I would definitely not wear this if I plan to get wet in any way or sweat a lot. I see it being a great product for low-maintenance types who can't be bothered with skin care, makeup, or (double) cleansing who need convincing that SPF is a necessity. It could also be nice for those who work mostly indoors and see limited sunlight throughout the day. Makeup wearers and people with very sensitive/agitated skin could potentially fall in love with its finish and texture.

As for myself, I did like it but only for the specific situations mentioned above: indoor days, makeup days, and lazy days. If I were to be very picky and serious about my SPF, I would prefer something that is a little more water resistant and with better defined active ingredients for my own peace of mind.

Note 1 // I have gotten slightly sun-burnt (pre-tan, pinkish-red but not to the degree of itchiness and pain) on areas where I applied only a lighter layer of this sunscreen sat out in the blazing mid-day sun for about 20-30 minutes. It was long after my initial, and only, application of sunscreen. But I have done the same for other sunscreens before and don't think I have ever gotten burned then.

Note 2 // One tube lasted almost a month with regular use. I tend to be more generous with lightweight non-creamy sunscreens.