May & June Haul - CeraVe

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lavlilacs May and June 2017 haul - CeraVe

The byproducts of a skin allergy and drugstore sales: two too many backups of skincare in my stash. I hadn't bought beauty goods from CVS, Walgreens, or RiteAid in over 3 years. I stocked up on so many skincare and makeup items from the time I studied abroad and on my big Asia trip that local shopping was quite unnecessary. As I depleted the basics like toner and moisturizer in my stash, I still found myself gravitating towards Asian brands just out of habit. Then that allergic reaction happened and I forced myself to go on a skincare diet of sorts with some non-fancy and inexpensive beauty potions.

The CeraVe brand and especially their PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion seemed to be highly recommended by dermatologists, at least according to a bunch of forum threads I came across when searching about treating the allergic reaction I had in April. Reviews were generally high praises for how gentle and moisturizing the lotion is—exactly what I was looking.

Then you know...drugstores and their BOGO 50% deals, CeraVe's Eye Repair Cream found it's way in my hands as well. It made the best use of the 50% off as it was closest in price to the lotion ($16.29 versus $16.49). I didn't want to commit to 2 bottles of the moisturizer without having tried it. Plus, CeraVe always has a $2 manufacturer's coupon on their website.

June came around and Bestie C kept me updated every week on the status of stock at our local CVS after I lamented about how impossible it was initially to track even one bottle of the PM lotion in our neighborhood. I wasn't too interested in the idea of having multiple back ups but another BOGO 50% sale on CeraVe, $2 manufacturer's coupon, $4 off $14 CeraVe brand at CVS, and $5 off $25 at CVS changed my mind immediately. My second haul came out to be as if it was BOGO Free, an impressively better deal when compared to my previous purchase!

Despite having a bunch of backups, I won't rule out the idea of buying non-drugstore brand moisturizers in the near future. It is just nice to have something on hand which works with my skin, isn't too expensive, and I can fall back to if sensitivities do happen.