October Haul

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lavlilacs October 2017 haul - drugstore sales and coupons

You would think that after the massive skincare haul I made last month at Peach & Lily's sample sale I would not buy anything else for a while. Funny. There's always something to accumulate...apparently. At least the few items I picked up in October were all bought on sale, with discounts, or given to me as a gift/souvenir. Once CVS hooked and reeled me in with their discounts, I lost all control. I can see why there are people in the world who take coupon-ing very seriously. The satisfaction is unreal. I comfort myself by saying I paid $10 or less for each item.

When Neutrogena released their Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment I was skeptical but intrigued. Price kept me from getting one to call my own; at it's cheapest I've seen it retail around USD $17, at it's priciest I've seen close to USD $23. If the dinky looking light wand didn't work, $23 would have been a nice filling meal out with friends! As my face was erupting during that time of the month, I coincidentally found a $10 off manufactures coupon for the Neutrogena Light Therapy range and CVS also sent me a 25% off coupon...I beelined right to the store. After coupons and taxes, I ended up only paying $8.77 for the light therapy stick. Score!

After falling in love with the CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion, I couldn't help but get another backup since I had coupons a plenty (40% off + $2 manufacturer's coupon...$16.49 to $8.77). I am not in dire need of another moisturizer right now but it is more reassuring to know I have a backup on hand just in case one of the newer products doesn't work out. Plus, when I do use the PM lotion, one bottle only lasts me around a month. The bottles in reserve wouldn't sit and rot in my stash drawer, ever.

My wallet is in a dangerous place after I rediscovered Liah Yoo, who also introduced me to the Gothamist on YouTube. Their skincare philosophies and expertise can be pretty convincing. RenĂ©e recently raved about the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser for the cooler drier weather and, what else is new, I found myself swimming in coupons and sales again. The entire CeraVe line was on a 25% off sale that week, I had a $2 off $10 CeraVe purchase coupon at CVS, and I remembered the $2 coupon on CeraVe's website. To top of all off, I also had $3 CVS ExtraBucks. A $13.99 purchase became a $3.80 steal.

Maybe acne patches will make a yearly appearance in my haul posts? As with last year, my Aunt stocked up on the dressings when she visited China. I honestly still haven't gone through the stash from her last trip but it never hurts to have these on hand. When the sticker work, it works so well.