January Haul

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lavlilacs January 2018 haul

My original plan was to get through at least the first couple month of the new year without a beauty purchase. But I ran out of my makeup remover. Then I discovered my local Target was clearing out their inventory. A couple of "browsing" trips later and a lighter wallet to boot...here I am with a haul post to share.

As I was nearing the end of my previous tub of heimish cleansing balm, I contemplated whether to just get 1 replacement in-store or buy multiple brands at once to stock up for the rest of the year. I like to save as much as the next person but I didn't want to hoard, y'know? After going through some price versus quantity comparisons, I decided to just go ahead and repurchase another heimish All Clean Balm in its newer flip-top packaging since I came across it in-person and at a reasonable price (USD $18 + Californian/SF sales tax). It will sound silly, but this is the kind of packaging I have been wishing and dreaming for companies to use with their cleansing balms. I cannot wait to see if it is actually as practical and effective as I thought it could be.

lavlilacs January 2018 haul - Target Sonia Kashuk

It has been at least 3+ years since I bought my last makeup brush. My collection isn't humongous but it is more than enough for my face. The more brushes I accumulated the lazier I got with deep cleaning them weekly. That is why I stuck to only a handful of the same brushes the past year or two in order to help develop a better habit (which has worked wonders if anyone is curious).

Now that I have incorporated the use of multiple eyeshadow colors into my daily routine, I found that I didn't have the right tools on hand. Many of the eye brushes I had were too large for my eye shape or did not function well. The only problem was my unwillingness to invest towards more brushes because everyone knows how expensive the better quality brushes and more size-variety brands can be. As soon as I chanced upon the Sonia Kashuk clearance at Target, I picked up one of almost every brush they had tagged. All were ~50% off original prices and under USD $10 per brush.

I picked up the Sonia Kashuk Tools:
  • Tapered Powder Brush No.19
  • Domed Multi-Purpose Brush No. 18
  • Synthetic Foundation Brush No. 05
  • Synthetic Concealer Brush No. 32
  • Large Domed Eye Shadow Brush No. 20
  • Precision Pencil Brush No. 31
  • Synthetic Crease Shadow Brush No. 08
  • Small Eye Shadow Brush No. 07

Truth be told I probably didn't need yet another foundation or concealer brush. The domed brush and crease brush might be too large for my eyelids still. But I just couldn't resist that price. At least now I have a better understanding of what shapes work for me if I ever decide to go for the luxurious ones.