LUMENE Sisu [Urban Antidotes] Defend & Replenish Antioxidant Mist

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lavlilacs LUMENE Sisu Urban Antidotes Defend & Replenish Antioxidant Mist Review

There was a time when I always had a bottle of facial mist in my skincare routine. I think I stopped using them because the ones I tried didn't seem to do much or had a texture I didn't enjoy. Most of the mists I used just felt like glorified, fragranced, and expensive water.

That was then and this is now. I am starting fresh on this mist discovery journey and hoping the new products I try will change my mind towards the skincare category. Lumene's Sisu [Urban Antidotes] Defend & Replenish Antioxidant Mist made some good impressions already as the first contender.

lavlilacs LUMENE Sisu Urban Antidotes Defend & Replenish Antioxidant Mist packaging

Lumene's description:

Shield your complexion in the polluted urban environment. Infused with Pure Arctic Spring Water, mineral-rich Nordic Birch Sap and Antioxidant Vitamin B3, this ultra-fine mist helps to protect and hydrate to defend and maintain your skin’s appearance of natural luminosity.

The final step in your skincare regimen, spray all over the face, neck and décolleté to shield skin from the urban environment.


Mist 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz

Lumene (USA retail): USD $24.99
CVS: USD $24.99

lavlilacs LUMENE Sisu Urban Antidotes Defend & Replenish Antioxidant Mist box and seal

lavlilacs LUMENE Sisu Urban Antidotes Defend & Replenish Antioxidant Mist bottle back and front

lavlilacs LUMENE Sisu Urban Antidotes Defend & Replenish Antioxidant Mist bottle nozzle close up


Opaque white mist bottle—pretty standard and nothing to really write home about. The mist the nozzle lets out is fairly fine as long as I commit to the full pump. If I only do a half-press, I get a bunch of water droplets instead of a micronized mist.

Kudos to Lumene for having each box wrapped nicely in a plastic sheet. It provides so much reassurance to know if any individual product has been tested since Lumene is typically found in CVS here in the States (for those unfamiliar people love to open and swatch things at drugstores here as we don't get designated testers).

lavlilacs LUMENE Sisu Urban Antidotes Defend & Replenish Antioxidant Mist applied

Color, Texture, Finish, & Scent

The liquid is colorless. It feels just like water and isn't vicious or sticky in any way. My skin isn't dewy after the mist is fully absorbed either; just looks like skin. There is a sweet fruity fresh scent straight out of the bottle. But that evaporates after a bit.

How I Apply

In-between skincare steps // Especially between cleansing and toning because I tend to wait a while before toner and my skin gets tight and dry during that time

Through the day over makeup // Rehydrates my skin when I wear drier finish foundations.

On my dry chapped hands // Helps relieve tightness I get during the cold weather without the residue like with lotion.

Thoughts & Recommendations

I am going to refrain from commenting in-depth on the mist's ingredients because I think I spray far too little, on a day-to-day basis, to really benefit from them. That being said, I was surprised to find the ingredients list short and in addition to some trendy components like birch juice and niacinamide. The mist is formulated without parabens yet still has fragrance.

Otherwise, if I am to be completely honest, there isn't much to mist reviews. It either worked or didn't work and, equally as important, didn't irritate my skin or did. As long as I am on the better end of the receiving stick, things like texture and price are the only things that really set the products apart.

There isn't anything negative for me to say about the Lumene Sisu Mist. My skin instantly feels softer and less tight; it looks less dry and flakey as well. I don't show any bad reactions to the formulation either. I love how lightweight and watery the product is. Even though it doesn't leave me glowy and dewy, it also doesn't disrupt makeup while giving me a more hydrated look. This product seems it would fit well with all skin types.

I am not sure if it is worth the full retail price. USD $25 isn't terribly expensive but still a hefty penny for a mist. Sure it has "Arctic Spring water" and cloudberries but it could all just be for easier marketing. I haven't tried enough mists lately in any price range to compare Sisu Mist's overall value versus effectiveness. But since the Lumene brand is easily accessible via CVS, I won't hold its price against it; especially as CVS offers a ton of coupons and ExtraBucks for those with their rewards card.

A part of me wants to believe there is a more affordable option out there that will give me similar results. Until I find that perfect bottle of mist, I may consider repurchasing another Lumene Sisu Mist whenever CVS has a good sale and/or offers me irresistible coupons.