June Haul

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lavlilacs June 2018 hauls

The goal is still to hoard less and purchase only when necessary. June seems to have been a success of sorts. One item is going to be a replacement for something I am running low on and the other is not a need in my collection but inexpensive enough to not warrant too much scrutiny, I hope.

My current eyebrow pencil is still months away from its end; I just like having a replacement on hand before that time comes. I can always work with eyeshadows had I not bought a backup but nothing beats the speediness and ease of a pencil. I chose to go with the Innisfree Brow Master Pencil in #1 Gray because it was double-ended, included an eyebrow powder, and color seems to match my natural black hair well. I also wanted to give something more affordable (at USD $11) a try as the last few I had were all higher-end brow pencils (USD $20+).

The Ordinary's 100% Plant-Derived Squalane is 100% unnecessary to me right this moment as I had bought the Olivarrier Fluid Oil Squalane just 3 months prior—which is still unopened. However, I was already at Deciem's storefront in Soho to pick up something for my brother and was curious how their much cheaper option of squalane (USD $7.90) would fair against the pricier option (USD $42). It is such a huge cost difference, how could I not pick it up?