First love package & Collective Hauls

I've been following blogs for a couple of months now, but only started to comment back recently (sorry!) Then a while back, Kathi (LotusPalace) reviewed her Banila Co. products and offered to send the samples to the her followers who replied first. Even though I wasn't within the first three (I think), she was still very sweet and sent me samples anyway! I got the package yesterday and I cannot thank you enough!! :) I felt very obligated to post about it ^__^ And I've been buying things here and there and thought I should post them up to keep up my spending journal before I get lazy and forget to.

Love Package from LotusPalace (Follow her!!)

Inside the little packet ^__^:

L to R: My UV Guard Sunscreen Pore Control SPF50+ PA+++; Let Me Finish Prime BB Cream (top); it glow Luminiser SPF 15 PA+ (bottom); Prime Primer

Her stationary is so cute! Now I get to see some of it in person :) How exciting!

Hauls from the last 2 weeks or so:

Essence of Beauty Kabuki Brush (My first kabuki, I might do a review on it in the future.)

Tweezerman Tweezers; Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment; ELF Professional Travel Mirror
*I have been breaking out terribly the past couple of weeks. I'm not sure if it's because of my hormones or because I'm really stressed from school. Wish it'll go away...)=

Sephora & MAC Haul
Top: Sephora Sifter Jar
Bottom: The Skincare Tinted Moisture Protection SPF 20 (sample in light); MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NC30)

My first MAC product! It was a little intimidating to walk into the cosmetics counter section for the first time, by myself, at Macy's. But the MA that saw me looking around was pretty nice, not pushy at all. She asked me what I was looking for and what I needed to cover and helped me choose a shade. I thought I was lighter, but oh wells! LOL Now I think I know my MAC shade, which will help a lot when I'm browsing around blogs ^__^;;

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!
My grandma made a lot of yummy food to celebrate. Hmm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about! What did you do to celebrate?


My first NOTD. I did it just now when I was watching the finale to a TVB show on tv. (Moonlight Resonance)

with flash & without flash

Bottom & Top Coat: Sally Hansen Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener
Purple Color freshcover Nail Enamel - Simple Joy
Glittery/Sparkley Color: Essie - Anniversary Gala

------Drugstore Haul------

I didn't purchase much, but here it is anyways :)

L to R: Maybelline Mineral PowerConcealer Fair & Cream; Scunci Self-Holding rollers

I'm not sure if the shades match, but if it doesn't I can always wear something over it. After trying it already on my face, it doesn't feel right returning it. Also, if anyone happens to know how to effectively use the rollers for side-swept bangs...please tell me!!

Junior Year of HS

Today was the first day of school...It was hectic. I have all new teachers, but at least my schedule is still from periods 2-9. So I don't have to wake up at 6 every morning to get ready and eat breakfast. I don't think I would be able to survive. I feel bad for most of my friends who do have 1-9 schedules. I can tell this year is going to be stressful. The English teacher already knows the date of the PSAT (OCT 14) and then there's the SAT in the spring. I'm not ready for it yet..!!! Every class that I walked into, I felt awkward and a little out of place because even though I knew a few people in the class, I don't talk to them. So I just kind of sat in class quietly...I should get rid of my shyness habit. >__<;;

The start of a new school year...
I think I'm ready. If not, I'll just have to toughen up and get rid of all my bad habits so they don't interfere with my school work.