Chinese New Year Parade @ 8th Avenue

Yesterday was the day of the annual CNY parade on 8th avenue, hosted by the Brooklyn Chinese-American Association. And recently (last few years), it's become a tradition(?)/habit for my family to go down there and just absorb the festive atmosphere.

It does get redundant after going for so many years. But this year I was excited to take photos with my DSLR. I didn't get to take as many AMAZING photos as I wanted but it was fun nonetheless. My first adventure with my new camera :] I hope to do this more often around the city in the upcoming months ^__^

I did take much more photos. Many were very random..just for fun shots while others had people in them. I don't think those people would like to see photos of themselves online without permission. =X


On our way back to the car I saw this lovely little fella (or gal idk which one lol). It was just sitting there. Wonder what it was waiting for? I felt so sorry for it after my horrible brother threw snow at it =.=;; I hope it's alright!


Our choice for lunch. Usually, when we're at 8th avenue as a family we either go yum cha or eat Vietnamese food. I wanted to try something different for once, especially since my brother never likes to try new foods (he's missing out!). This is my second or third time eating Malaysian food..ever (that I can remember). It was yummmyy! ^__^

Roti Canai

Hainanese Chicken with Rice

Hainanese Chicken with Rice (Chicken Broth Rice)

Penang Char Kueh Teow

Clay Pot Pearl Noodles Soup

Clay Pot Pearl Noodles Soup
My favorite!!! My mom thinks it's because apparently she made similar type noodles often when I was younger...No wonder why they looked familiar! lol

Review: St. Ives Green Tea Cleanser

St. Ives Green Tea Cleanser

It is very runny/liquidy! Very different from the foaming cleanser I usually used.
*Please excuse my brother’s dry hands =X

If you only rub your hands lightly you’ll get very light foamage. Not very dense/thick.

This is what you would get if you rubbed your hands for a bit longer. There is significantly more foam, but it’s still not very dense. Be careful if you’re wearing clothing with sleeves because it might get wet since it is runny.

From Walgreens/CVS/RiteAid USD$6-7
I don’t remember how much I got mine for but drugstores have tons of sales/coupons etc. so you don’t necessarily have to buy it for their retail price. And most of the time prices from one drugstore to another also differs.

Pump bottle with 200ml. I use 1 pump each time I wash my face. However, I do not know if my bottle was a bad one or not but product use to come out from the pump’s sides. It eventually clogged itself because I didn’t bother to clean it off and stopped oozing out whenever I pumped the bottle. When it got to the very last few pumps, the product didn't want to come out when I pumped it. I ended up twisting off the cap and pouring it out =.=

-Not expensive
-Hasn't broken me out
-Clean but no squeaky clean feeling
-My face always feels soft afterward (especially after rinsing when the face is still wet). I think it did help a little with the texture of my skin (if that makes any sense xD)
-The company doesn't test on animals
-It doesn't contain parabens or phthalates

-After a couple of minutes, there is tightness
-Sometimes there is dryness and I can see patches of dry skin >__< -Not sure whether it removes makeup like it is advertised -I don't think it did too much for my skin at all other than cleaning it... -Doesn't reduce all redness from my face (if only slightly reduces the redness on my cheeks and it's temporary)
-Does contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (maybe that is what is making my skin feel dry and tight?)


No. I like it enough as a quick cleanser since it's easy to foam up and work with since it's a light foam (good for mornings when I don't want to spend too much time on just creating a lather to use). But it makes my skin feel so tight! And I really didn't see enough results at all. Also, I still want to try other cleansers so even if I were to consider'll be a long long way from now. I'm glad it didn't cause a terrible reaction like some had but it never gave me amazing results that others raved about.

It is only average IMO..

Maybe. It is inexpensive and won't break your wallet. There are very different reviews out there for this particular cleanser. Enough for me to think it might be worth trying to see if it will give you good results.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. I am not affiliated with the company or any other sites mentioned above. These are just my opinions so please research more about a product before buying it. I'm just trying to share the experiences I get from using a certain product. I'm not endorsing it or anything. If anything this is for my own memory of what I liked and what I didn't like. skin is my skin...your skin is your skin, please don't blame me if the product doesn't work for you >__<;;

Happy Lunar New Year!

I just wanted to make a quick post to say

Happy Lunar New Year!

Hope everyone has a prosperous and healthy year ^__^
Eat well & Hope everyone receive lots of love and red envelopes :P