Revlon Girly

Aren't I on a blogging roll this week! Here's another post before March ends. (I noticed I would have had only published 4 posts. Not that I'm the very superstitious type or anything but I just like to avoid the number 4. It's the Chinese in me lol)
Girly looks really pretty in the bottle. A soft blue pink with blue, magenta, silver glitters and tons of smaller purple and coral/pink glitter specks floating around.
This is only showing 1 (light) layer. I'm sure if you layered the polish the pink base color will show even more prominently. But do keep in mind the pink base is the sheer jelly type so don't expect too much. For me, it is one of those 'my nails but better' pink colors. If you're going to apply a light layer like I did, it is hard to get an even coat of the glitters. I had to fish around for them a little bit. The main reason why I didn't apply a thicker coat of the polish or put more layers on was just because glitter polishes are so darn hard to remove! Any great tips to share? I'd love to hear how to easily remove a glitter polish.

oo35mm Haul

With some of the birthday money I received, I knew I immediately wanted to replenish my skincare stash. I don't know the reason why but my face has been erupting with pimples, breakouts, blackheads, and anything else that can go wrong with the skin. I thought my teen acne years were suppose to be over?! is a site I have been following now and again since they had a Soompi shop. Seeing their new store front in Chinatown was quite a surprise. It's definitely a step up from their last 'hole in a wall' store front. Compared to the the prices of other beauty shops in the neighborhood, their prices are about the same plus or minus a couple dollars. They do offer some unique and quirky things to differentiate themselves. What I love the most about them is that they have a rewards system (unlike most other beauty stores in Chinatown, at least of the ones I have purchased from). Plus, they have more of an online presence compared to the others which (to me) is always a positive point.

I decided to go a more simplistic route with my new skincare routine this time. Not really in terms of the number of products, more so 'natural' and less ingredients wise. Since Hada Labo worked for me last year when I had relatively clear skin, I decided to give it a try again. But being the curious person I am I opted to purchased Juju Aquamoist's whitening line rather than Hada Labo's (which I've already tried and reviewed). My decision may have also been influenced a little by bubzbeauty's previous recommendations for this Vitamin C/whitening line.
I've tried Baby Foot a couple of years ago before prom. However, I didn't use it properly so I didn't want to review it without trying it again. Since my feet are horrendous looking all year round anyways, I thought I would give this a try again. Will definitely update everyone on how this goes!
Yes, I did buy this adorable phone case from this shop. What makes this store different from the others in the area are they don't only sell beauty products. If you browse their site you can see that they also sell a ton of cute items as well. A lot of the goods they sell are they type that we don't really need but you just want to have. I can't really describe it all so just check it out for yourself!
Here are some GWP I received. I think I got the blinc eyeliner because I spent over a certain amount. Of the 3 times I've bought something from this store, I've received a small Avene sample each time. It is great how the SA always tries to pick a sample that will fit my skin problems. I'm saving these samples up for if I ever travel any time soon.
The day I went to do my massive haulage, the store just ran out of this. Luckily it came in stock the day they estimated so I didn't leave without this product for a second time. I have been lusting over this item for the longest time. With so many great reviews about this cleansing water out there I just couldn't resist myself. I haven't tried it yet but I hope it lives up to the hype for me.

& Yes the baggie from the first photo turns into a strawberry :]
But I think you can only get it if you spend over $20 (or was it $30...) and maybe in store only?

Sugar 'N Spice VoxBox

This box of goodies arrived on my doorsteps a couple of weeks ago. Just in time since I probably would have neglected it if it came any earlier or later due to school.

I can't wait to try everything. The only ones I don't think I will be using are the Colgate products. Bestie C is very into teeth whitening right now so I plan to let her try them instead. Plus I already have a full tube of toothpaste opened & Colgate recommends to use all three for best results. We shall see what good news (or bad news) Bestie C will have for us soon! Otherwise, I'm very intrigued by the spray on lotion. I tend to be very picky with body lotions so I hope this will meet my standards.

Have anyone tried any of these products before? Any recommendations?