First Day of Senior Year + Products I Used

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First day of school was today! How exciting…! My last year of high school. To be honest, it didn’t feel particularly different. I think a lot of the underclassmen disguise themselves very well! At least the ones that don’t look very young blend in well…
What a stressful Fall/Winter it is going to be. Who remembers going through the college process? Fun wasn’t it ^__^
*Does anyone get very annoyed when your school changes a lot of things the last year you're in the school?! Make us suffer! Lol
**Happy 4-day weekend to those you have vacation for the Jewish holidays! How lucky/strange to have only 1 day of school the whole week..Very smart NY education system!**

I’ve never done these before but I felt like sharing what I used today for school today. For those that are interested and for myself to look back to in later years :P

Last year during this time I did not wear makeup yet so I had nothing to worry about (I woke up, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, and left the door). This year I actually got ready and “prettied myself up”, sorta…It isn’t much since I’m still in the learning process and like the natural look. Sorry there won’t be a FOTD picture to go along. I'm still self-conscious about showing my face :X

L to R: MAC Mineralize Blush in Pet Me, MAC MSF Natural in Light Medium, & sample of Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer in Nude

L to R: Everyday Minerals Long Handle Kabuki, MAC 182, Studio Tools Dual Finish Brush (from target)

Oh wow I didn’t even realize that the brushes correlate with the product I used it with LOL what a coincidence :P

A very minimal look. I wasn’t looking for a lot of coverage, just enough to cover the most of the redness on my cheeks and from various acne scars. This will most likely be more and less the same for now since it doesn't require too much time. ^__^

What kind of products do you use for school/work?