Upside down Kabuki?

8:18:00 PM mandy 6 Comments

Ahh, holidays = no school!

But, what a boring day today was. I just stayed home and did practically nothing! So unprotective I know..time is precious and I didn’t make good use of it. Even though I should have been very busy, I of course procrastinated >__<

I did, however, find time to deep clean my brushes today! :] I usually just lay them on a paper towel and let it dry overnight…but laying a kabuki down isn’t really the best idea.

A couple hours early, when I was browsing through youtube videos, I found a great tip from Enkore. It’s a really great way to dry your kabuki brush (or any other dense brush, you could probably just tie the rubber band closer to the ferule part and suspend it that way, if you don’t want to lay it down).

Click here to go to the video.

This is the cup that I usually keep the brushes that I use in. Since all my brushes are laying out to dry, it was empty. It’s a lot shorter than the cup that Enkore used, so I had to twist and turn my paper clips a bit weird in order for the bristle to not touch the cup lol :P

Just thought it would be a fun tip to share with those who didn’t know about Enkore or completely missed it like I did. ^__^


  1. ahh, tks for sharing :) seems fun to do but might get annoying if i have to do this everyday tho lol!

  2. Lol I usually wash my brushes once a week, so it doesn't bother me too much :P

  3. thanks for sharing that looks like a great way to dry a kabuki brush, I will try it next time I wash my brushes!!

    Kitty x

  4. ahaha~ you are so creative! like the way to dry the brush

  5. I wish I was that creative! All credit to Enkore on Youtube! ^__^

  6. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing, I really need to clean my brushes soon :D