Review: Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil

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Kose Softymo Speeding Cleansing Oil

Can anyone read what it says (especially the ingredients)? I would like to know if it has mineral oil or any other ingredient that might be harmful, thank you!

That’s a little less than half a pump. You can’t see the consistency but it’s pretty liquidy, not thick at all.

From ebay ~USD$11(not including shipping);
From Sasa ~USD$12.70 (Bottle with product + Refill);
I bought mine from a beauty store in Chinatown for ~USD$10.

Package: Pump bottle with 230ml. I use 1-1.5 pumps when I’m only wearing powder, blush, concealer. And ~2 pumps if I’m wearing BB Cream/foundation/tinted moisturizer.

-Leaves my face pretty clean.
-Doesn’t have a fragrance, but the smell isn’t exactly pleasant (I can’t really describe it though, definitely isn’t a vulgar scent..)
-Can be found in some beauty stores/pharmacies in Chinatown in NYC
-Did NOT break me out!
-Can buy refills if you do like it (the beauty store that I got this from did not sell refills, but it is available online)

-Not available locally for some
-Might be over priced compared to prices in Asia
-My vision becomes a bit cloudy afterwards especially if I massage the cleansing oil around my under-eye area to dissolve(I think that’s how cleansing oil work..? lol) my concealer
-Made my skin feel very tight and dry after washing it off

No. Like I said, it made my skin feel tight afterwards and I had dry patches. I don’t like the feeling of my face being so dry and stripped of moisture :[ I usually take off my makeup before I shower and then wash my face with a cleanser a couple of hours later after I brush my teeth (complicated but it makes sense to me lol). Moisturizing will probably help but then I’d be moisturizing 3x a day..too much for my combination skin IMO

Rating: 3/5
It’s an average cleansing oil. I like it because it is not expensive, but my skin just feels soo dry after using it. I can’t say too much for eye makeup/waterproof makeup because I don’t own/use any. It may work well for you, but everyone is different so I can say.

Recommend?: Maybe. If you can find it and would like to give it a try, sure. It is not expensive so it won’t leave a hole in your wallet, but I’m sure there are better ones out there…Again, it might work for some people. I guess I’m just not fortunate enough to find a cheap cleansing oil that doesn’t dry my skin out :\

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. I am not affiliated with the company or any other sites mentioned above. These are just my opinions so please research more about a product before buying it. I'm just trying to share the experiences I get from using certain product. I'm not endorsing it or anything. If anything this is for my own memory of what I liked and what I didn't like. skin is my skin...your skin is your skin, please don't blame me if the product doesn't work for you >__<;; After I finish this or close to finishing it, I will be looking for another cleansing oil. Anyone have suggestions? I have a few in mind & will be walking around to compare prices when I have time! lol


  1. Interesting! I just ran out of my cleansing water... I'll try to check this out! :D

  2. Thanks for the review, it's good that it doesn't break you out but too bad it leaves your skin tight and dry, maybe it'll be good for me since I have oily skin :D.

    ryc: I thought I will never finish a tin of lipbalm too! But I was so obsessed with my lips that I have to apply so much lipbalm everyday, hehe...

  3. If you try it let me know how it goes! My skin has been surprisingly combination lately (more so than before)..very dry everywhere other than my t-zone >__<

  4. the left side of the hotpot was tomyam soup :D. Sure, I'll let you know if i try this CO. I have to finish my current one first though :)

  5. If your skin has been surprisingly combination lately maybe it's because of season change? I use creams instead of lotions at night when my skin is extra dry. Sometimes I even mix a bit of olive oil with my moisturizer when my skin is too dry lol (at night only before I go to sleep) and drink lots of water :D

    And... my hair actually isn't the greatest lol. Trust me. My hair has been very very dry ever since the last time I dyed it T__T I don't have a particular shampoo that I really love but right now I am using Aussie's "Aussome" volume shampoo. Conditioner-wise... Aussie's "3-minute miracle worker" is a must-have for me!!! I can tell you this thing saves my hair, definitely recommend it ^__^ otherwise I don't use anything else... except sometimes I work a tiny bit of olive oil into the ends of my hair at night so it tangles less :) (cuz olive oil is the only "leave-in conditioner" that won't break my face out lol)

  6. Thank you for the tips! :]

    The weather hasn't even been very cold lately...if it is because of weather change I can't image how my skin will be in the winter! :O

  7. How about trying DHC? It's my HG!! I don't purchase it anymore though --> frightfully expensive over here >_>

    Atm I'm using Muji's cleansing oil for sensitive skin. It is affordable and works rather well =D

  8. I've tried to look for DHC in the beauty shops in Chinatown but they pretty expensive as well (for me at least...I think I've seen ~USD $30-40ish range)

    The Muji in NYC doesn't have any of the skincare line yet! I can't wait for it though :D

    Thank you for the suggestions though! lol I bought some sample sachets of Kracie Purenavi cleansing oil to try out (it doesn't have Mineral oil!!) I hope it isn't drying since it's supposedly for sensitive skin...