October 2010 Collective Haul

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Hehe I’m always late on sharing my monthly hauls. Sorry! I’ve been very busy with school lately and the whole college process (very stressful…can’t wait for it to be over). Surprisingly enough, even though I’m so busy I still manage to buy quite a lot :X

O.P.I. Pink of Hearts & Essie Good to Go!

I went to the nail supply store to search for a new topcoat that did not have the Big 3 Toxic Chemicals (Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, and Toluene) that are supposedly very harmful. I really liked the Seche Vite I bought earlier but I saw that it had Toluene in it and got scared :X I’ve tried the Essie one a few times and I like it too. It doesn’t dry as quick as Seche Vite, but quick enough where I won’t destroy my nail polish applications even after 5 minutes.
I bought O.P.I. Pink of Hearts on a whim. Didn’t even expect the store to have it and I wasn’t looking for it. But when I saw it, I really like the sparkly pink and I can justify my purchase a little because I don’t have many sparkly pinks ^__^

For more information about the Big 3 toxic chemicals click here

Milani Liquif’eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil in Brown & Milani HD Advanced Concealer in 02 Medium

Sadly my Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliner smudges on me. But I’ve heard many people talk about the Milani eyeliner and Nic Nic of bang bang she shoots suggested I practice/start off with drugstore eyeliners. I went to CVS and saw they had a BOFO 50% off deal. I didn’t want to get two eyeliners and have both not work and I was interested in trying their concealer so I bought one of each :] I think the concealer is a bit too dark/pink (not sure which one lol) for my face, but when I use a little amount for my eyes it’s not as apparent.

MAC Face & Body Foundation in C1

I’ve been wanting to try this for the longest time. Even though I suffer from acne and have a lot of scars, etc. I still like light/natural coverage. Weird I know but maybe it’s because I’m self-conscious of people knowing that I wear makeup? Anyways, I went to MAC with my BFF (it was her first time going!). We approached an MUA and BFF got what she wanted and I asked her to match me for the F&B foundation. I told her that my neck and my face are very different colors but she didn’t think so. I thought…oh ok maybe it’s the lighting or maybe she is right and I just over think it. The MUA told me I was an N1. I went in there thinking “I’m probably C3” based on researching and googling online. I was shocked because 1) I know almost positively that I’m yellow undertoned and 2) I didn’t know my face looked that light. Ekk! It looked like an alright match for my face, a bit pink. I told her and she tried C1 on me. It looked slightly better but I still saw a difference from my neck and face. At that point, I was a bit annoyed at my skin tone for being two different colors and I was embarrassed because I didn’t want to ‘correct’ the MUA again :X

Long story short..I’m going to exchange it for a different shade.

2 bags of Muji Cotton; Package of tooks to help transfer products (plastic scooper/spatula, funnel, and a dropper); 30ml Pump bottle

I love the Muji cotton that I got in June. But I think I bought the wrong ones this time. These are a lot thinner than the other one. I need to look more closely next time! I bought the pump bottle and the little kit to put the MAC Face and Body foundation into it. But will have to put that off until I exchange it for a darker shade.

On a random note, Muji should bring their skincare line to their USA stores :]

Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil; Origins Flatiron Have a Nice Day Face Cream SPF15 (sample); Origins Never a Dull Moment Cleanser (GWP/freebie); pump for the cleansing oil

I had the intentions of going to Chinatown after visiting a college in the city to buy a cleansing oil from one of the beauty stores/Asian markets. But I saw the Origins store close to the train station that I was going to take and went in to take a look. The people working there were very nice. A SA answered my questions and even asked if I wanted samples (I didn’t know they gave samples out..should have asked for the GinZing eye cream too lol). I bought the cleansing oil from them because it supposedly formulated without all the bad ingredients (parabens, fragrance, etc.) and the cost was just a couple dollars more than some of the cleansing oils I found in Chinatown. So far I like it but I need to use it for a while longer before I can give my definite opinions because cleansing oils always work nicely in the beginning and then starts to dry out my skin. I really hope this doesn’t happen again.

Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream

I needed a new morning moisturizer that was light and well moisturizing for the winter. Plus I had a $1 coupon for this new line from coupons.com. I’ve used this a couple of times but cannot say much about it just yet. Hopefully, I’ll get around to reviewing it soon/in the future.

Mark Powder Buff Natural Skin Foundation in Buff & Mark MU Bag (freebie/GWP)

BFF was ordering from Avon and asked if I wanted something. Since I planned to get the MAC Face and Body foundation in a couple of days (she ordered the products before I went to MAC and I got the products after I went to MAC..hope that isn’t too confusing) I didn’t ask for the tinted moisturizer. I’ve heard some people compare this with the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation(?) and I like to use powders in the mornings anyway. Ordering online is very difficult, I haven’t tried it yet but I hope the shade matches me!

Double Ended Dotting Tool and China Glaze in Fairy Dust

My friends introduced me to two new nail supply stores that are a little bit further away from my house but still accessible by public transportation. The Essie and OPI’s there are not only cheaper than what I usually get them for, but they also have China Glazes! I’ve been wanting to try them for the longest time but wasn’t able to locate an actual store that sold them. Fairy Dust is very pretty! I used it over the weekend on top of an American Apparel’s Office and it looked great. I think I’m going to go too happy using this one in the future lol!

Essie Marshmallow and Essie Mademoiselle
This last purchase is technically suppose to be part of the November haul, but since I bought this only 1 day after October I’ll make the exception just this once :P
I remember i love nail polish say that her favorite French manicure polishes were Marshmallow and Mademoiselle so I bought it to try out her dolly wink tutorial. I don’t have time to try it out right now but I definitely will once the college process frenzy is over!


  1. Lovely haul! Hope the eyeliner works on you ;)

  2. I still want to try O.P.I. Pink of Hearts! Hope I can still get my hands on it. ;)

  3. hehehe yesss I remember when I was in school I still hauled like crazy despite being crazy busy! XD great haul!

  4. lovely haul (esp the essie nail polishes,haha)!! yes muji should bring their skincare + makeup line to USA !!

  5. hehe if i were allowed to pick one thing out of the VV collection, that nail polish would be it (and my wallet will love me for it) :P

  6. great haul! i love the polishes you chose. im from ny too! :)

  7. hehe maybe you will find the Dove foam cleanser somewhere in Chinatown soon ^_^! just like the day you discovered the Hada Labo thingy!

  8. lol maybe. i'll go walk around those little shop soon and hope they didn't mark up the price by a lot.

  9. Ugh that's so annoying they matched you with the wrong shade! So weird they even gave you a N color cuz N has so much pink undertones in it... -__- you should've just told the MUA! I actually was at Sephora earlier today and the MUA tried to match me to this wrong color foundation without even blending it out... I was like WTF?!?!? How did you even get certified =_= in the end I just insisted on getting the color that I thought best matched me.

    The Dolly Wink tutorial looks so nice! so cute! Do share when you tried it out :D

    Good luck with school and college applications :D

    RE: I have Dolly Wink pencil liners reviews coming out too :) I just got the black one yesterday so still testing that one out, but I have to say for now I like the brown pencil formula better than the black... the brown one hardly smears on me! Did you try it with a primer or a base??

  10. I told the MUA once already and I felt embarrassed to tell her again >__< She insisted that I was very light lol probably because of the lighting it was kind of yellow =\ Oh well another excuse for me to go to the MAC store :P

    A MUA at sephora matched me to the wrong foundation color before too! for the bareminerals matte...she gave me a color that was very pink. (i think because my face is pink from my acne scars) since Sephoras are so big I took one that she insisted was my color and made a big round around the store and picked out a yellower shade :X

    Hmm thats very weird, formula are different for the shades? i haven't tried primer or base since it's just eyeliner. i guess i'll have to try that if i can't find any smudgeproof liners.

    and thank you! ^__^ i can't wait until it's over!! lol

  11. hey thanks for entering mandy :)! yes it's the brand that Joey Yung is modelling for ;)

  12. lol so you're on a no-buy? good luck to you Mandy :) it really needs determination and preserverence (spelling?)


  13. hehe but christmas is coming :D maybe you will receive some MU or skincare? lol

  14. yeah because different pigmentation gives different formula... the black is slightly more mushier...

    I'm gonna keep using my Dior tinted moisturizer, but it's only cuz I got no choice I had no idea where my receipt went XD

  15. Hi Mandy :) i think the starbucks in forbidden city has another theme too ??? I could be wrong though XD there had been a row over whether they should let starbucks to have a store in beijing forbidden city !

  16. RE:

    Hi Mandy ^_^ heehee tks for the lovely comment on my Bunny XD he's receiving so much love hahahaha! too bad he can't read XD as for the eyeliner... ahhh it's really more about the formula not my skills... the black liner smudges more on me than the brown one... but yeah in the pic the eyeliner was freshly put on... that's why it looks "perfect" you know :P

  17. Hey Mandy! I gave you a blog award ^__^


  18. Ohh I have that Milani eyeliner! At first I loved it but then it started breaking a lot because the pencil is super soft :( I stopped using it for awhile because I started hating it but eventually I tried it again and it worked fine.... So idk what that was about :/ Hope you like it though!

    Haha, I happened to notice your Origins sample says "Flatiron" on it. Did you visit the one near Baruch? Please update us on how the cleansing oil works!! :D

  19. So that's why it says Flatiron! Lol Yeah, I saw the Origins by the R/N station on my way to visit Baruch and stopped by before leaving :P

    Will definitely update on the cleansing oil but might take a while because I like to use it for a pretty long time before I say much about anything :X