November 2010 Collective Haul

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Yay! I did significantly less damage this month :] A main part of it was because I’ve been so busy (hmm I said that last month lol I guess I was super busy this month). I only bought three things and the rest were either samples/gifts/exchange. I hope I can continue not spending this much lol

The Face Shop Peeling Day Honey Black Sugar

My aunt went to The Face Shop in Koreatown (Manhattan) to buy some masks for her friend and used my points to purchase this for me. (She thought that my points would expire? I don’t really know how their system works since I go once in a blue moon :X)

Lancome Teinte Miracle in 2W and 7W

*Sigh* The troubles my face and neck shades bring me...I can’t get foundations matched correctly. The MUA there told me I was 2W (she matched it to my face) and I asked what it would be matched to my neck and she said 7W. She was really nice and filled up the whole sample container with product. Now I just need to try them out a couple of times first. I think 7W might fit me more because of my tanned neck area. Has anyone else tried the new Lancome foundation?

MAC My Highland Honey – photographing this was very difficult! A majority of them came out pink/coral. The third is the closest IMO to the actual color.

Everyone’s posts about this blush made me really tempted to buy this. It’s such a lovely color. Very different for me since I’ve been really into pink shades. When the MUA tried it on me, she applied it pretty heavily, and I had to go yum cha and eat dim sum with my mom and her friends afterward (was very self-conscious that they’d notice I was wearing makeup). But nothing my fingers couldn’t fix lol When my mom’s friends saw me they even said my face was slimmer/narrower. I don’t know if it’s because of the way the blush was or because of shadows in the restaurant, but it made me nice ^__^

MAC Face & Body in C2

I was finally able to exchange for a darker shade (suggested by the MUA) the day I went to pick up My Highland Honey. I think it might be a smidgen too light, but if I am able to lose my neck’s tan I don’t think it’ll be a problem. I’ve been wearing it for a few days and I don’t think the difference is ghastly.

Ecotools Blush Brush

I’ve also wanted this for a while now. Lil Lady’s Life and many other bloggers said they recommended this blush brush and I can’t agree more ^__^

L to R: Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Mask & Shiseido gift from my aunt

My lovely aunt, who also started me on my whole skincare journey lol, bought the Shiseido Benefiance set from Macy’s and gave me the softener/toner to try. And since she’s soo nice, she also let me have the samples since I’ve wanting to try the White Lucent line but it is just too expensive. Not only that, shared a whole box of Beautymate masks with me. Ahh..I feel guilty!

St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Moisturizing Body Wash – travel size

The cold/windy weather that’s been in NYC has taken its toll on my it’s all dry, itchy, patchy, etc. Very disgusting looking! I didn’t want to commit to a full bottle because my family would nag me for wasting money if I didn’t use it. Hopefully, this will work if not..lotion here I come!


I didn't get to go shopping on Black Friday, but that's alright. Can't wait to hear about everyone else's purchases lol.


  1. Yay! You got My Highland Honey! Hehehhe <3 I love it :D

  2. I can't wait to start using it. Maybe December will be My Highland Honey month lol I still haven't opened it yet :X

  3. yay~ that brush is awesome for the price!~ have had it forever and never shed
    My Highland Honey is so cute right?
    MAC Face and Body I want to try this! but im scared of MAC foundations breaking me out =*(
    I tried the lancome tein miracle. I go the color 6W which is not listed at Sephora for some reason??? It gave me a nice glow, it can look pretty obvious if you are not careful, but a small amt all over can make ur face look brighter! I have only worn it 2x so unsure how i feel abt it yet.

  4. Mhm Nice size brush and picks up just enough product :]
    I haven't used My Highland Honey yet! Need to open it up soon lol
    There is a 6W? Wonder where I can get a sample of that shade lol I think 7W is a bit too dark/yellow for me :\ Thanks for the mini review!

  5. wow there's The Face Shop there? Ahh Manhattan >_< hehe let us know how do you like the face peel =D I asked for a sample for Teint Miracle as well, but I don't know it doesn't really feel that different from Teint Idole for me? The blush color looks awesome! I'd totally try that one out next time I'm there =) It's very summer or spring-y though? XD
    Ohh I have that body wash! haha for me it doesn't moisturize any better than my other body washes... so I still use body lotion after XD

  6. Lucky you to get the My Highland Honey blush, it looks so beautiful!

  7. Thank you for this post. I see I’m not the only one that has finally come to the realization that I don’t need 20 different (and potentially unhealthy) products for my face.

  8. LOL I love XO purses! I used to buy from them all the time but decided I want different styles XD lol I just wear my backpack to classes when I was in school... I always have so much stuff that if I carry shoulder bag it'd be too heavy and look too stuffed anyway XD (not cute XD) hehe it's almost Christmas, time for a new bag? =D

    lol no worries about the reviews =) whenever you have time ^__^

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  10. Popcorn said...
    ohhh the mac blush looks gorgeous!~ i havent been to the mall in the LONGEST time ever..... i think its about time for me to check out the counters. tehehe

    and don't forget that sephora is having $15 GC for $40 purchase, so u could use this opportunity to save money on getting the Lancome foundation. :D

  11. Thanks for the reminder! Actually I plan to go to Sephora after school today :P I probably won't be getting another foundation anytime soon..going to enjoy my MAC Face & Body for now! Do you plan on getting anything with the sephora gift card?

  12. Ooh, you got My Highland Honey. :) I'm still wondering if I should get it but then again, it's probably already sold out. :\

  13. hey mandy! long time no see :)

    YAY for getting My Highland Honey!!!! yes it's hard to capture the color in photos because they always came out pink/coral, i agree the last pic of it is similar /almost same to what looks in the pan ^^

    so you begin to like peach/orange blushes now :)?

  14. @ Shop N' Chomp

    Lol I do that a lot too (decide I want to get something after it's been released a while especially if it's LE). I usually find some time to visit the store and ask if they have it. If it is there I'll usually get it. If not it wasn't meant to be :P

  15. it's always a good thing to open up trying new colored blushes XD I found the latest fave is lavender/lilac blushes! (lol no pun intended) they look really pretty on the face <3

    how many blushes do you have?

  16. oh!!! i've been meaning to get stereo rose too! but i missed the chance -.-''' do you like it though??

  17. you're so lucky to have won it in a giveaway <3! it's sold out quickly i know XD (but not in HK lol).

    You really do one blush at a time, as in you will finish one up before starting the other?

  18. hehe i've never hit pan with a blush too! :)have you hit pan on anything so far?

  19. I'm not fond of Teint Miraacle, it wasn't miraculous on me hahaha xD

    Aww how sweet of your aunt!! You are very loved =D

  20. OOOo! I have that EcoTools powder brush too! I absolutely love it!! :D nice haul btw!

    visit my blog!

  21. merry christmas to yo in advance Mandy :) I'd be away for a week. Take care xoxo!

  22. At least you bake cupcakes! I've never baked anything except cookies, hehe..

  23. go get the R&R blushes! It's worth it :D

  24. Hello Mandy ^__^ tks for the congrats on the job =D and happy holidays to you too ^______^ hehe I hope everything on your wish list comes true! come back soon <3

  25. Hello! Would you like to follow each others blogs? :) Happy New Year! >.<

  26. Hi Mandy :) tks for the suggestion! I will look into it, hopefully it wouldn't make my vid lose its resolution we'll see :D hehe I know it's not new year yet but I want to wish you a very happy New Year ^__^