One Lovely Blog Award

3:14:00 PM mandy 8 Comments

I'm sorry to anyone who gave me a blog award/tagged me before and I didn't see/accept/do them! I've been very busy and only have a little time this weekend since it's Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S. I hope everyone understands & there are no harsh feelings! :X

And..Thank you Frances for this blog award! I started this just for myself and never really expected people to read and follow my blog, but here everyone is..whether you read silently or leave comments. I appreciate it a lot ^__^

To accept this award, simply pass it to 15 other lovely bloggers.

These aren't in any particular order so don't be offended lol

1. Frances
2. Jennifer
3. Tammy
4. Dina
5. Lil Lady's Life
6. Karen
7. Blair
8. Katherine
9. Nic Nic
10. Bitten Before
11. Katrina
12. Makeup and Life
13. Lovin' From the Oven
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15. Angelic Betrayal


  1. hey i made the list! hehehe thanks! i never see those notices either!!!

    re: i use the clinique powder over my bb cream, it has almost no coverage, i just use it to set.
    if i want more coverage i use my lancome powder

  2. Hehe you're welcome! ^__^

    RE: haha I know right... I'm the type of person who will remain curious unless I've actually tried... ahhaa XD but yeah I'm glad I checked the price before I went into the store... I was like there's NO way it was 80-something... but yeah I'm super excited for dolly wink too =D now I just need to wait for them to be available online lol

  3. congrats! i know were suppose to be on vacation this weekend but actually were super busy!

  4. If only there weren't extras that comes with vacations..especially for students like me lol :P

  5. Hello sweetie, how was your Thanksgiving?

    You totally deserve the One Lovely Blog Award!! I love reading your posts and thanks so much for passing it to me =D

  6. I went to watch Megamind with my little brother :P Bonding time! lol

    Aww thank you! Really boosts my morale during such stressful times ^__^

  7. Thanks for the awards! Really appreciate it :)

  8. hi hunnie :)
    just wanted to drop by to say thanks for entering my giveaway!

    good luck love <3