First Drugstore Purchases of 2011

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Many of you probably already know of the big sale that CVS is having for their beauty products. I found out about it on New Year’s Eve (very late at night) while I was on a college application break lol thanks to Nouveau Cheap’s blog. I’ve seen those 50% and 75% off stickers before when I wasn’t as into MU but now I realize what a great deal they are. Each product could come to less than $5 each! Even though Nouveau Cheap listed so many products that were on sale, it really does vary by store. I went to 2 CVS’s and some products on sale at one store weren’t at the other. There were also products that I was anticipating on getting but didn’t see a sticker on. I did use the red machine to price check, but wasn’t discounted. Now the beauty section of CVS has a lot of empty spaces lol I guess it’s a good thing since I heard that they use these sales to clear out space for new products! I’ve seen some temporary displays for new products as well. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us ^__^

Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer in 002 Light Medium and Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Beige Medium 0-2.5
This was my first purchase of the new year. I’ve heard a lot of good things about these two concealers and decided to buy them even though I have so many because they were discounted so much. Thank goodness I picked the correct shade for the Revlon one but I was overly excited about the sale that I forgot to double check the shade for the Maybelline one (it was placed in the Cream section when it was Beige..I hate it when this happens. I always find myself putting it back into the correct places lol). In the end I had to exchange it because it was WAY too dark for my face. Maybe if my neck shade and face shade were the same it would have matched but if I just wanted to wear concealer and powder..this wouldn’t do.

Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer in 002 Light Medium

Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Beige 0-2.5

Physician’s Formula Health Wear SPF50 Powder Foundation in Cream Beige and Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Ivory Light 2-3.5

Literally the next day I walked more than 1 mile to go to the two CVS’s in order to exchange the Maybelline concealer. Good exercise though lol. I was looking for Cream but neither store at it (or it wasn’t on sale). So I opted for Ivory hoping it would be a good match and it was, surprisingly! I purchased the Physician’s Formula foundation because I’ve been really into powders lately even though it’s winter time. I took a chance with this shade (it was the only one on sale) and it wasn’t very dark. In fact, it is pretty light being the darkest shade in the range.

Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear SPF50 Powder Foundation in Creamy Beige

The packaging felt a bit cheap IMO and the bright neon colors aren’t my thing. But since I don’t carry makeup around and only use it before I go out, it isn’t too big of a problem. Even the sponge it came with is pink!

Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Ivory Light 2-3.5

Top: Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Beige Medium 0-2.5
Bottom: Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Ivory Light 2-3.5

L’oreal Magic Smooth Soufflé Makeup Sample

I didn’t see the new collection displays until I was about ready to leave CVS. Of all the displays of this foundation that I saw (Rite-Aid, Walgreens, CVS), this was the first I saw with the sample packets that everyone talked about. It doesn’t have an indication of a shade, but I’m still curious about how a soufflé foundation is.


A few days ago while waiting for my mom to go to an appointment I had, I went to the nearby Rite-Aid. I saw they had Revlon brushes and got a little excited. Revlon brushes are almost impossible to find! I’ve only seen them at select Rite-Aids. I picked up one thing.

Revlon Blush Brush

Although I like the Ecotools blush brush, sometimes I think it doesn’t work too well with certain blushes. I wanted a more rounded brush than the tapered style that the Ecotools brush had. I was willing to pay the retail price that was on the sticker ($12.99), but luckily when I went to check out and the cashier told me it was $3.24 I was very surprised. I didn’t even know it was on sale! After I made the purchase I was very tempted to see if the powder brush was also on sale, but many brushes does a person need? I’m probably going to regret it later, but I’m glad I was able to show some control xD The blush brush is very soft! I washed it and haven’t been able to try it yet. Will update on how it is later on!

Did any of you make use of the great sales going on? What did you buy? ^__^


  1. wah! a post from you! hehe ;)

    How are your college apps coming along?

    yayyy for the sales =DDD hm I'm not really a drugstore girl cuz I like to test my products out before buying >< but I always wanted to try the garnier anti dark circle eye roller ^_^

    Good luck with your apps =]

  2. Frances: LOL Yeah more posts! Hopefully I can keep it up :P I'm almost done with college apps. The more hectic ones were finished on the first..only 1 more left! ^__^ I'm not so much interested in drugstore items either, but they were on sale so I thought I'd try. The Garnier Anti Dark Circle eye roller sounds interesting but I have a ton of concealers to go through..Maybe if Garnier skincare has a sale! And Thank you! :]

  3. 1 more left!? good for you!! :D :D :D you'll be free soon!!! I prob should work on my apps too -__-"""

    RE: LOLOL haha I showed a friend how to make the mask, so she bought the ingredients so she could make the mask at home. The next day all her yogurt/strawberries were gone cuz her family ate it! XD hahaha I laughed so hard. Make sure that doesn't happen to you XD

  4. oh I forgot to say... I heard abt that too! ppl having the "rash" thing on the back of their knees. It's funny cuz when I was little I used to have those "rashes" on the inside of my elbows... it's like they migrated to my neck or something -__- maybe you should go get some Genifique samples and use them on the back of your knees the next time it happens and see if it helps XD

  5. Frances: Oh you have apps to fill as well? Good luck!! LOL I won't have that problem with yogurt..they don't really eat it. In fact they'll wonder why it is even in the fridge because no one eats it xD I thought I was the only one with the weird rash..I guess not! Those rashes are so sporadic, never know when it'll come (hopefully never again)! But if it does I'll have an excuse to get the sample :P

  6. Nice haul! <33 thanks for stoppinh by and joining in my giveaway!

  7. great haul! i saw your H2O haul below too ^^ yeah it's one of the best times to buy from JS in a year since they don't give out freebies every month XD

  8. Jennifer: Hehe Thanks! Definitely the most I've spent on skincare at once. Hopefully everything with work out for me :D

  9. You found a lot of great stuff! My CVS was totally raided out haha.

    Well I am a new subscriber :) Please check out my blog if you get a chance -- I am currently doing an Urban Decay giveaway!
    <3 Kelly

  10. Kelly: Thanks for following :]

  11. I haven't really bought anything recently haha. I did go shopping yesterday for clothes which was a success :)

    I also tagged you with the Stylish Blog Award! :)

    - Katherine

  12. necessary★nails: I haven't gone clothes shopping in a couple of months now. I'm hoping I'll be able to at least window shop during regents week :] And Thank you! ^__^

  13. I haven't checked it out yet but have a feeling most of the good stuff is already gone. :(

    You got a nice haul! I've been wondering about that PF powder foundation. Thanks for the info. :D

  14. Shop N' Chomp: Thank you! If you're by one just take a look around. I think drugstores are starting to put out new collections anyways :P

  15. Great stuff!! I love the Revlon concealer. Drugstore products work really well at many times:)
    Hey Mandy plz check out my new site-
    Hope you follow me there:)

  16. Rakshanda: Thanks! I've used it a couple of times and I like the liquid texture over my cream concealers. I agree! But it's such a hassle to find base products especially since you can't try anything out first :\

  17. Hello Mandy ^_^

    Thanks for the comments... ummmmm 囧... that's an interesting question, 囧. hahaha! if you look at the character it's kind of like a face... with downward slanting eyes and open mouth... and the usage is dependent on the context... usually it's an awkward face, with a bit of the "surprised" element sometimes... if... that... makes... any... sense.... 囧 <--- awkward! lol!

  18. Frances: LOL I see..Learn to use one new word! Thanks ^__^

  19. Ahh I have to get myself over to a CVS, I'm missing out on all the good deals! :( Great haul btw, I have the Dream Mousse concealer too! I think the one I have is a bit too dark for me though >.<

  20. Rinny: Thank you! Ehh..bummer. Buying base makeup at drugstore is always troublesome :\

    inge luciana: Thank you! ^__^

  21. reply to your last question in your post :P no there isn't any great sales going on but i still bought something from the drugstores nonetheless, will post them up soon LOL

  22. Jennifer: I can't wait to see it! ^__^ I think the drugstore products in Asia are more interesting lol

  23. thanks for the tip (using pastel/cream color underneath the china glaze)! i might try it :D!!! think i'm staying away from china glaze from now on have your college apps been?

  24. Jennifer: No problem :] I hope it helps, so at least it doesn't go to waste ^__^ I'm finished with college apps. Now it's just the money related stuff ( aid) ahh it never ends!! LOL Thanks for the concern!