Happy New Year!

12:22:00 AM mandy 8 Comments


I can't believe it's already 2011!
So many things have happened:
I was drawn into the makeup/skincare world,
I made my first BIG purchase with my hard earned money from my internship for a DSLR (yay)!
I had many restless nights thinking about my future..
And this is only the beginning.

In 6 months I'll be graduating high school.
In 8-9 months I'll hopefully (knock on wood) attend college.
Time sure has gone by fast lately..

Sorry I've always been MIA!
I will try to start posting more starting...next week?
I have a few more college applications to finish and then it'll be ALL OVER ^__^
(I have a terrible habit of procrastinating that I need to kick..don't judge me please! =X)

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous new year!


  1. Happy New Years Mandy! I have the bad habit of procrastinating too! :[ LOL Good luck with the applications!

  2. Lol Thank you! Happy New Years ^__^

  3. Happy new year to you Mandy! and good luck on your college apps! Yay for more frequent posts coming from you <3!

  4. Happy New Year and good luck with your college apps! I can't believe it was only a year ago that I was filling out my own apps :) Can't wait to read more posts from you!!

  5. Thank you! ^__^

    Lol 2010 went by really quickly IMO :X

  6. Hey Mandy :) hahaha you should go visit JS if you have time LOL i think i'm still away from that amount XD i didn't buy anything from them myself this year but my friends use my members card to XD

  7. I have the same habit. :X Hope we can both kick it! Anyways happy new year to you too and good luck on your college applications, Mandy. =D

    (Thanks for entering!)