January 2011 Collective Haul

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Yet another haul post. I’m so sorry! I promise the next one will definitely not be a haul post >__<;; But please bear with it for now. These are easier/faster write than reviews/swatches lol

Nivea A Kiss of Milk & Honey Natural Defense & Soothing Lip Care and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Speed Dry Drop

I think the cold weather has really gotten to me. I’ve been wanting to try a lot of lip balms lately. And all those reviews/raves for this one especially doesn’t help my self-control :X

These speed dry drops are soo difficult to find! I think the company switched it all over to the brush version. Surprisingly they both have different ingredients lists…I’m hoping that these will work nicely so I don’t have to go back to Seche Vite.

Wet & Wild Fastdry Nail Color Blue Wants to be a Millionaire & Gray’s Anatomy and Garnier Nutrioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle-Roller in Sheet Tint

TOP: Lush Each Peach Massage Bar & Sugar Babe Scrub
BOTTOM: Lush Mange Too Massage Bar

Wind, snow, coldness…It’s all taking a toll on my skin. I don’t usually take care of my body but it’ll probably take a toll later on. After hearing some good reviews I made a trip to the Lush store. The SA’s there were nice. They offered to try things on me etc. But of course...I felt bad :X So instead of going in with 1 item in mind...I came out with 3 LOL *Sigh* I have problems! =.=

Butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquer – Vernis in Branwen’s Feather

My first splurge/expensive nail polish. The color was just too pretty…I tried it already. I love how it only took 1 slightly thicker coat to get a nice opaque color, 2 to get full coverage of the nail. BUT..IDK..mine chipped without a day. I think I’m going to try again using Seche Vite and see how that goes. Has anyone else who used Butter London polishes experienced this?

Benefit Highbeam To Go, Sample of Philosophy Purity Cleanser, Hello Kitty Nail Polish in Blueberry

I was so happy to find the Highbeam To Go in Sephora. Been wanting to try it, but didn’t want to purchase the full sized. I know it works out to be more worth my money if I bought the full sized but I think this one will last me a while...

And how could I pass on the Hello Kitty collection?!?! I had to get at least 1 item...After swatching almost all the colors they had, I ended up liking how Blueberry came out post. If applied nicely you could even wear 1 sheer layer! 2 layers are already full coverage..opaque goodness :D

Sephora Samples

Can’t wait to try these out. I think I need to take better care of my eye area even though I’m not even in my 20s yet. I tend to rub them a lot =.=

Forever21 Necklace

Wasn’t expecting this now were you? :P I think I’m going to start including items like these as well. I’ve only purchased a few jewelry pieces so there isn’t much to share now. But I can see myself buying more, especially when they’re so cheap and cute at F21!

Gray and Beige/Cream Circle Scarves

Another non-beauty related item I wanted to share :] The weather has been so strange. Sometimes it’s bearable cold and others it’s freezing...I didn’t hear about circle/infinity scarves until recently and I really like how versatile they are! I especially love how there are no ends so I don’t have to worry about one blowing off my shoulder and touching the nasty ground (with all the slushy dirty leftover mess from the snow disasters..don’t get me wrong snow when untouched is beautiful, but when there are so many people walking and driving on it..it is a horrendous sight!)

Divina Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover

I can’t believe I finished a whole bottle of nail polish remover by myself LOL I can only imagine how bad my nails must be. Must give them a rest soon! xD But until then, I needed to replace the one I was using (Sally Hansen Extra Strength Polish Remover) because even though it removed polish fast I despised the cold feeling acetone gave. I intended to buy the Sephora one because I loved how quickly it removed my polish when I tried it at the store but didn’t really want to spend $9 dollars for a relatively small bottle. I found Divina at my local beauty supply store when I was searching for a hair-cutting razor LOL Will try it out and see how it works soon! Hopefully, it’ll be as good as the other two ^__^

TOP: MUJI Cotton
TOP: MUJI Facial Net

I've only been using MUJI cotton for the last...half a year (maybe longer?). It is much better and less expensive than drugstore ones IMO. Will definitely continue to buy these :] And NYC MUJI FINALLY has the facial net in store!! I remembered seeing someone mention purchasing it (but they're from another country) and I went to check a few months ago and they didn't have. I hope this will be easier to use than the version that I bought before. Will definitely try to post about this and compare after I try it :D


  1. Awesome hauls :) Haha I see what other people haul and it's kind of making up for my own ban. Ooh I also want to try the Mange Too message bar but it smelled kind of weird.... But it's the largest bar they have so I might check it out again in the future. Tell me if you like Sugar Babe as much as I do! Did you buy the Sephora stuff in store? I never get samples 0_o I want to try some of the foundations but I don't want to buy the full size because I might not get the right color or like the product. Did you just ask the SA to package some for you?

  2. Yeah..I wonder if they have a hexagonal tin for it xD I've never ordered from Sephora online! But I think that might have been a special day or something that they were giving out sample sachets. I rarely see that too. But for the little container samples you just ask them for it :P

  3. Ohh, cool I might ask an SA for something I want to try out next time :) I always feel somewhat intimidated by them though >.> Haha, I don't think they have a hexagonal tin so you're going to have to cut it up. They have a square tin for body butters and a circle one for solid shampoos. I'm just going to buy doubles of things to get the free tins! :) You can always use them to store other things than what they're "meant" for.

  4. Understood! SA/MUA always intimidate me >__<
    Good suggestion! But I don't think I'm going to use the two up any time soon. I'm not as diligent as you were :X

  5. Yay for the haul! :D I love love love Philosophy's purity cleanser it's my HG atm! :D I lvoe hose circle scarves too! I own one and I think it's the most practical thing for winter. You don't have your scarf dangling anymore XD

  6. So many people say they love it or it's HG so curiousity got the best of me. I might try the fullsized if I ever finish my current cleanser! :]

  7. Nice haul!! :) I'm so tempted to get myself some HK stuffs too!

  8. nice :)! the nail polish looks so cute!! please keep us updated with how the eye cream goes ^_^ I'm curious about Ole henriksen's skincare, hehe! i've the same circle scarf, they're so convenient :) mine's in deep red.

  9. ♥ Starryxuan: HK is being heavily promoted this year :D It'll be hard not wanting to purchase more even though it's a pretty expensive range.

    Jennifer: Will definitely try to be more productive with my blog now :D My eye area has been terribly neglected and it's starting to show..

  10. nice haul! i love the loop scarves too! i got the nivea balm too!! alot of hype but i dont like it
    =( going to try to fin it soon lol

  11. Lilladylife: Thanks! :] I've been on a lipbalm kick lol I don't particularly love it either. But it's not too bad. The weather has just been terrible..dry skin everywhere =.= And it's suppose to be bad weather again tomorrow! Ahh..

  12. Don't be sorry! I love haul posts. =D I'm using the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri too and find it to be a nice and less expensive alternative to Seche Vite.

  13. Shop N' Chomp: I'm really like it now. But nothing I've tried so far beats how fast Seche Vite dries...

  14. I've been itching to get Kiss of Milk and Honey for a long time! It sounds so...yummy/smooth/creamy actually. But I need to finish my Kiss of Smoothness first! I'm almost there. :)

    How have you been, Mandy?

  15. Maggie: Oo how is that one? I've been buying too many lip balms for me to finish lol
    I've been fine. The whole stressing/worrying part of college apps is finished. Now it's just waiting :P

  16. lol there's nothing wrong with hauls!! I love watching haul vids/haul posts XD I've been very curious about the Nivea lipstick :D Never tried lush products but always wanted to you should let us know how it works out :) haha I wish they came out with high beam to-go earlier... I bought the full size product and never managed to use even 1/10 of the product... XD

  17. Frances: I'll try my best to post about how the Lush products go (I'm very lazy when it comes to body care =X). I'm so glad they came out with the high beam to go! And it's pretty affordable too (even though fullsized is definitely more worth the money). Now if only they made a pose-tint and bene-tint to go...=D