Baby No. 3

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I recently jumped on the Clarisonic bandwagon!

I told myself I'd control my spendings, but Best Friend was buying one and she found a pretty good deal. So I got mine a bit earlier than expected. I guess it'll be my birthday present for myself (hopefully my only one..unless I can't control myself =X).

I've been wanting one since the whole wave of raves (lol) that were coming out last year for it. I really wanted to see how well it would fair on my very acne prone and extremely combination skin (especially right now in the winter). I did try a regular facial brush before from The Body Shop after hearing how they could be similar to the Clarisonic but that just left my face feeling very raw..eek!

I am hoping I could update often with the progression of my skin condition. Maybe weekly or every couple of weeks? I hope I don't go through the purging process that some users went through but if that'll lead to a better complexion..bring it on! :D

Of course I had to get it in purple! ^__^

Baby No.2 hasn't faced the blogging world yet but its kiddies have been on here for quite some time now. Maybe I'll do a separate post later on dedicated to it :P

Has anyone else tried/want to try the Clarisonic cleansing system? If yes what kind of results did you have?


  1. oh u have the lavender one? its pretty!!!!! mine is baby pink.
    Truthfully this took like 3 months to see results. I nv blogged abt it bc i never took bf and after pics. It did help my overall skin texture and appearance but it did not stop breakouts, the pore minimization is hard to see but I still use it every night bc I just cant get over how much cleaner my skin is with it!
    A staple!

  2. awww want to try clarisonic too! how much did you get this for?? They're selling it at $2000+ HKD here for one =_________=''''

    who's baby no. 1 & 2 ^_^""??

  3. Lilladylife: 3 months?! Seems like a short and long amount of time. I can't wait to see results though..any kind is fine :P How often do you replace the brush head? Now I actually look forward to washing my face lol I was a bit disappointed when the 1 minute was up (I think I over anticipated how long 1 minute really is xD).

  4. Jennifer: I got it for ~$113USD from Dermadoctor on Amazon. There was a special code going that discounted it $10USD. I'm not sure if there is a similar offer still. Wow that's pretty expensive in HKD! Is that for the Mia or the Regular ones? =X Baby no1 is my Wacom Tablet (that I've been neglected too much lately..) Baby no2 is my DSLR :P

    after winning one Valentines giveaway already,
    you are the winner to my giveaway as well ! :D
    congratulations girl !
    i just emailed you the details & made a blog post about you :)
    i'm so happy for you !

    - Coco

  6. omg! i wish clarisonic is THAT cheap here!!! awwww i'd gladly shell out $113 USD or $120 USD for this baby, really. It's expensive but i think if it works it'll be worth it and buying the whole skincare line is almost about the same price! so why not lol!

  7. ahhhhh I always wanted to buy Clarisonic... been eying it for years but just can't bring myself to spend that much money... definitely keep us updated and enjoy ^_~

  8. Frances: I still can't believe I took the plunge. But I do like it so far. Haven't seen extreme results but it's only been a week. I'm going to try to post some progress pics soon :]

  9. How is the Clarisonic for you so far?
    I've been using the original Clarisonic for nearly 2 months but I don't see a dramatic change in my skin. I haven't even suffered the "purging" stage yet. I was kind of excited for that too LOL :P

  10. Ashley: I was using it consistently during the evenings the first month of so that I got it but have stopped using it only because I've gotten a bit lazier during the allergy season =X But when was using it I noticed that my skin did feel smoother and it was able to absorb products better but I still had a breakout issue. It wasn't a very dramatic change though but I do miss using it lol Maybe we just need to give it more time? :P