February 2011 Collective Haul

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China Glaze Sea Spray

Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Day & Night Lash Boosting Serum
I got these when CVS had $3 off $10 Physician's Formula purchase :P

Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum in Deep Brown 7366
I also got this during the $3 off $10 at CVS. But since my grandma and my mom had cards I got two =X

Soompi Korean Skincare Haul

L to R: Skinfood Omija Whitening Serum and Skinfood Facial Water Vita-C (Mist)

The skin on my face is already rather light. But I have a lot of acne scarring and uneven skintone that I wanted to try to fix. However I won't be using this soon only because I want to target one problem at a time. I've been on a facial mist kick lately. If only I had more funds I'd want to try so many lol. However, facial mists not in aerosol cans are a little difficult to find (I heard from gossmakeupartist that the nitrogen in the aerosols aren't so good for the skin). I have a few on mind to get after I finish this one already! ^__^

Samples the seller included!

Bag from Gmarket.

I've been wanting a small bag/purse to carry around when I go out. (This is my first small bag can you believe it?) I love the long chain handles..perfect for using on one shoulder or cross body! I thought it would be a softer material and less reptile skin like. But it's nice for the price none-the-less.

Hat from Gmarket.

I think I chose to buy a hat too late into the winter season. Although it is still cold I think it might turn spring soon! =X I haven't worn a hat in a long time! I'm more of a hoodie person lol But it just hasn't been enough recently...I wore it once on a relatively cold day and it kept my head and ears pretty warm :]

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

I went shopping with best friend a few days ago in Soho. We both wanted to try out this cleanser (especially with our new Clarisonic). But neither of us really wanted to pay the price for it since it is quite expensive. So we chose the best value for our money, the biggest size 24 fl oz for $40 at Sephora, and halved it. She wanted to keep the bottle (so did I but a pump is great too lol) so we went to Muji's and I got the latter.

My Beauty Diary - Bird's Nest Mask

I got this at one of the small beauty stores in Chinatown. The one that I got it at sold MBD at one of the lowest prices that around in Chinatown (there's one other store but I was closer to this one at the time). HOWEVER...I do not recommend going to this particular one for the customer service. Product wise it's great. They have a lot of brands that NO other beauty store I've seen has. But the lady that works/owns the place...is very rude IMO and somewhat annoying. I've been in that particular store on three occasions and each time she would eye me like I'm going to steal something. Maybe she knows that I might not purchase something but whoever said a person is required to buy when they walk in. Not only but once I had my headphones in and couldn't hear her asking me for help and she tapped on me and said: "Can I help you?" I replied "No just looking" and she had the nerve to say "Well why didn't you answer me? I've been calling you for a long time now." Does that sound a bit ridiculous or maybe it was just me? Then during this recent occasion, I went in...walked around...browsed through her selection of products. I swatched a BB Cream I was interested in and she came over staring at me like I wasn't supposed to (but the ones I chose were obviously testers..). So I told her I was just looking around. Then a little while later, she came over again and kept asking me "Are you looking for something? Are you looking for something? Do you need help? I'll help you look for it." Even though I specifically said I'm just looking around. She continued to say "Are you looking for makeup? BB Cream? Masks? etc etc." I got really annoyed and frustrated at this lady. When I told her "masks" just to get her off my back, and picked this box up and asked, "What is this one for?" Her answer was "Masks. You put this on your face" as if I didn't know what they were for...So I clarified and said, "No like what is it targeted for?" She just gave me short responses like I was asking the obvious "Brightening" (or maybe she said whitening..I don't remember too clearly now =X). "Are you going to buy it?" That was it..I was very annoyed at this point but just to I guess prove her wrong I bought them. *Sigh* Impulse buy much? lol But I really did want to try these.. My plan for whenever I want to purchase something that only she has now will be to bring only that much money and be positive that is the only thing I want to purchase so I can go in, pick up, make a purchase, and walk OUT.

Do you think I was just being too sensitive or was this lady really out of lines as a seller/owner of a store? Maybe she sensed that I was only a looker and not a buyer...

I'm very sorry if this rant bothered you! If anyone is planning to go purchase from these beauty stores in NYC and would like to avoid this lady...email me :P

Has anyone had bad shopping experiences before? :P


  1. Oooh those Skin Food packaging are so cute!!

  2. G A B Y: They are! Especially the package for their skincare lines. Hehe I'm such a sucker for packaging :P

  3. You have every right to be annoyed by that lady! How much were the masks though? I'm planning to go to Chinatown with my friend next week to pick up some skincare (esp. MBD masks!) but I don't know the best place to buy them from :/ If I have to deal with an annoying person for the best price I might just go in and leave as fast as possible with the goods ^^

    Nice haul though :D I also wanted to try the Physician's Formula pen eyeliner because I suck at liquid liner with felt tips but I thought liquid liner in pen form might be easier. Tell us what you think about these products please :D

  4. AngelicBetrayal: Hm she sells it for $11 (this store is called Dai Gar Beauty or something like that..a few doors down from Elizabeth Center). There is another small shop on Everyday Beauty Supply 163 Hester Street (right by a flower shop and next to a small clothing boutique) that sells it for I think $11 as well. But I'm not too sure. But these two have one of the lower prices in Chinatown. My aunt bought multiple boxes one time at a story (don't know which one though) and bargained/haggled the price to $10 per box :P I'm too shy to do that though xD If you go down Elizabeth from the direction Bayard <--> Grand there are quite a few beauty stores along there. The prices really range so if you don't mind walking around and comparing prices it's a great place to look. Also there is the grocery called..New Kam Man on Canal street (right by Bea Bank) that has a beauty section on the second floor. They sometimes have sales there but they tax unlike the small beauty stores around Chinatown. I wish I remembered/recorded the names so it would be easier than just saying where they're by >__<;; Sorry! I hope this helps!!

    I'm not too good with eyeliner in general. But I'm going to keep practicing. Will definitely try to. Hoping to see results. My lashes are so short (unlike my brother's...so jealous =X).

  5. Ohh, $11 is pretty good :) The stores in Flushing only go as low as $16/box! My navigation skills in Chinatown are super poor but my friend should know where to go based on your directions :D Thanks! I'll be sure to do a blog post if I get anything next week :)

  6. AngelicBetrayal: Mhm. It's not as good as internet prices but nice nonetheless. My aunt says it's almost around the same price as in HK, not too sure how true that is though lol. Glad it was able to help :P

  7. Lilladylife: Thanks! I think I'm going to try to limit my purchases this month unless I finish something I really need to replace (but that doesn't seem very likely). xD

  8. you have every right to be annoyed by her, i'd be crossed if i were you! My strategy is i'll go into the store next time, ask her if she has that product i'm looking for, if she says yes, i'd tell her to give me one. I guess she'll look at you in a different way, lol...and it might stop her from staring at you when you look at the aisles, since she knows you're probably buying something.

  9. ITA with you: i'll trade the makeup i have (okay, maybe part of it, or half of it) to have great skin!!! hahahaha wish i can try the Clarisonic one day!

  10. Jennifer: Thanks for the strategy! :P Sometimes its hard to communicate with them especially since my Chinese regarding beauty products is very minimal and sometimes they don't understand English too well =\

  11. hahaha i see that you got yourself some masks too~ arggg, i wanted to try that flavor! :)
    dang, that's one messed up woman..... tsk tsk.

    have you tried the strawberry yogurt mask before? hahaha that's my favorite so far because it smells great!

    Can you review the eyeliner? the packaging looks sleek. i'm impressed~

  12. Popcorn: I love using masks. But haven't for a couple of weeks (been so busy). I've tried the strawberry yogurt before. It's good. But not my favorite. It does smell delicious though! lol I'll try to review the eyeliner. But it might take some time because I'm not use to using liquid liner =X

  13. URGH I HATE bad customer service!!!!!! no it's not you being overly sensitive, it's bad customer service. That's why I like shopping at nordstrom/macy... cuz they need to make commission XD

    That hat is MEGA adorable!!!! me likey very very much!!! looks so warm and lovely :) I like how you put it on doraemon XD lololol. Do you like the physician's formula's eyelash booster? very curious :P

  14. Frances: LOL Sometimes I feel people in stores where that need commission is overly friendly (just a teeny bit) xD
    It's Blue Bear :P And it is uber warm! I wish I decided to buy a hat at the beginning of the winter season instead of at the end..
    I haven't tried it yet. Been staying up late too often. Will definitely try to when school isn't as busy.

  15. LOL XD the ears were covered so I thought it was doraemon XD lololol now I take a closer look... I'm sorry Blue Bear T_T lol XD