Swatch: China Glaze Sea Spray

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This was the small purchase that I made a couple of months ago during the Lunar New Year parade. It was definitely not planned but Sea Spray was definitely on my wishlist. Especially after a few bloggers compared it to Chanel's Riva (which is a very beautiful color that I can only dream of getting right now lol). Believe it or not..this is the second China Glaze polish in my collection. I've got to say, I prefer OPI's wide brush applicator versus China Glaze's narrow rounded brush applicator. Especially difficult to apply if the polish thickens.

Sea Spray is a great baby blue with very fine shimmer that you can't see unless you bring your hands really close to your eyes..or unless you have supervision :P I wish it was a bit more visible though. Visible yet subtle is a great way to go for this type of blue IMO. To my surprise, this blue didn't clash with my hands' skin tone like OPI's What's with the Cattitude? I haven't been able to bring myself to wear the latter alone because it looks strange on my hands. I shall do a swatch in the future to show everyone how it looks though because it is a great sky blue creme polish.

I do not remember exactly how long this particular polish/shade lasted before chipping because this is a very overdue post (SORRY!! =X). However, I will definitely update this post when I wear it again! I think this might have been either one thick coater or 2 medium coats. Again, I will update this later!

Base Coat + Polish + Top Coat
Take with flash and under artificial lighting

****Small Update****

I'm still alive! But some of you probably already know that because I leave comments here and there. I didn't expect the rest of April and pretty much probably all of May to be consumed by school. The former seniors, now alums, of my school, never mentioned this... I feel just as stressed as I have always been. Whatever happened to having senioritis? *sigh* I guess it's a good thing. Still keeping my game up :] Hopefully after my last big exam next Thursday my teachers will feel considerate enough towards us seniors that we won't have too many major projects and homework to complete without the last (I think less than 40 days) full days of school. I can't wait got the end of June to come!! Congrats to all/most college students who I think already finished their school year ^__^ College..coming so fast!

On a non-school related note: Is anyone else suffering from terrible allergies this spring season as well?


  1. Good luck in school, mandy:) you're probably doing great.
    &&Sea Spray looks really nice with your skintone.

  2. Hang in there, school is almost over. I was at Ulta the other day and was debating if I should pick this up...this look nice on you.

  3. BEAUTIFUL CANVAS: Yup! So close but it seems like it's taking forever. I think you'd like it! Do post if you decide to pick it up :]

  4. Pretty color *^_^* Good luck in school!

  5. Cutee baby blue color~ I like it! haha i just put on some orange nail polish, and it started to peel off. O.o

    The AP tests were...... extremely long. All I have to say was that I died during the Chem one. >.< it was sooo bad.

    Hahaha but college should be exciting~ well, at least i can't wait!

  6. Popcorn: Orange!? Bold :P I haven't tried any bright colors like that yet. Maybe the formula of that polish isn't too good? Good luck at your results! I'm a bit scared to get mine =X I can't wait for college either! But I bet it'll take me some time to adjust (even though I'm not dorming lol..can't even imagine how long it'd take for me to get use to that.)