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It feels great to have internet back!

Sorry I haven't been updating as regularly as everyone hoped I would. I will try to do better in the future!

I'm still trying to get use to my new college life/schedule (it's very different...*sigh)
And there probably won't be as many hauls in the near future because of college expenses and such..
But this will probably mean more review posts and other randomness in my life to come (if anyone is interested haha).

I can't believe within (was it a week?) I've experienced things in NYC that I thought I'd never be able to say I've experienced..ever
The minor earthquake and Hurricane Irene.
Thankfully no one I know was effected (anyone on blogger?).

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!!
Good luck to anyone else who started school ^___^


  1. I actually like my college life! Now that I'm out, I really do miss it :D. I'm sure you'll be able to get used to it in no time!

    ryc: Yes, blogging breaks once in a while is really nice, I'm glad to be back though :D

  2. Good luck in school and I hope there are no more earthquakes or hurricanes over there!

  3. Happy Friday! Good luck w/your classes and welcome back!

  4. DinaXYYAN: Taking little steps at a time :P First workload haha

    Shop N' Chomp: Thank you! I hope they're the first and last that we'll feel. It wasn't as bad as I imagined (my area at least) but it was a very terrifying/stressful lead-up =.=

    Rainy Days and Lattes: Thank you!! ^__^

  5. Good to hear you're okay after the earthquake and the hurricane. But New york always lives on right? LOL

    Where do you study in NYC? :D

  6. Yin: I seems so! The city was up and running after the trains/subways started to haha. I study at B college hehe Don't want to give too much personal info out..Sorry!! =X