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Hey, everyone! I'm going to try to slowly work myself into a more consistent posting.
To start off, here are some older packages that I received maybe in June(?) that I edited and everything yet somehow forgot to post it up.

I was so happy when I received an email from Stephanie of beauty and garden or jujujewelry saying I won her Sigma giveaway. To be honest, I forgot all about enter such a giveaway because there were quite a few at the time that I entered and I didn't think I would win any of them haha

Once the package came I got really excited. Practically everyone who used it raved all about it.

It is soft and dense. It has a big head/brush area compared to the other flat top brushes that I have. I've used it maybe a handful (or two) times and I really like it. I can't say I absolutely love it yet could be getting there =P

Like all my brushes it is a bit difficult to get all the sudsy soap out of the brush when I wash it (anyone have recommendations on that?).


After mentioning that I keep having a problem with my pencil liners smudging on me, Frances of theprettibrowneyes offered to send me her miniature Urban Decay 24/7 liner. I couldn't get over how nice she was in even thinking about offering to send it to me! I felt/still feel really bad =X I was going to send her something back until I realized it was too late (since she moved...).

Sorry, Frances!! Good luck in school ^___^ & Thank you again!!!

I haven't worn this out yet. But I tried it on once or twice at home (without primer) and sad to say...I don't think these work for me either. However, I'm going to give it a fair shot soon and actually get the courage to wear it out =D The only thing stopping me is having raccoon/panda eyes while I'm at school/out and with no access to a bathroom *eekk!*


  1. Aw, so sweet! And congrats on winning that pretty brush! =D For brushes, I use the Sephora brand Daily Brush Cleaner so I don't have to deal with suds.

  2. ooohh the brush looks great! hope it works well. UD liner doesn't work on me either! it still smudges. sighhh it must be an asian thing haha it works so well for so many ppl too =_=

  3. Shop N' Chomp: Thank you! :] Is that for deep cleaning?

    ShinyPrettyThings: Maybe...but what about all the asians that loves UD 24/7? =T

  4. Congrats on winning, I LOVE the F80 (how original, I know ahah)

  5. LOL you won so many giveaways! congrats ^_^ I didn't even know you wrote a post about the pencil until now lololol. you're welcome =D don't feel bad hahaha seriously. But I think you will have better luck with gel or liquid eyeliner =)

  6. G A B Y: Thank you! :] I want to try some of the other brushes too!

    Frances: I've tried the maybelline gel liner and its smudges around my corners as well. Maybe my eye shape just isn't fit for wearing any type of liner? :( And the few liquid eyeliners I've tried tend to flake off..*sigh!

  7. hmmm you probably will have better luck with department products... cuz drug store eyeliners usually don't work for me either. I think I've told you before the only thing that works really great on me is MAC liquidlast in coco bar but it's discontinued T__________T I have no clue what I'm gonna do after I'm done with my stock T_T

  8. Frances: Maybe, I was hoping it wouldn't be like that..! Now we both have to continue our HG eyeliner search :[

  9. Oh i have that brush! Just got them few days ago and will do review on it soon!:)
    I only use it for my mineral foundation though