Review: Laneige Pore Trouble Cleanser

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You can see the blue beads in there.
There are also small white particles that the picture doesn't show clearly.

Product Description (pamphlet found in box):
-Extracts of water lily, orris and witch hazel effectively eliminate make-up remainders, harmful factors of environmental pollution and wastes in skin pores and purify skin.
-Triclosan and willow bark extracts, which are effective against skin trouble, make clear skin and control skin pore troubles.
-Breakable white scrubbers smoothly eliminate wastes in skin pores. The vitamin E in the blue capsules is absorbed into the skin and makes skin silky and healthy.

Cannot find them.

From pamphlet: Wet a 3cm in diameter amount with a little water, lather with finger-tips and gently massage, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Foam from lathering by hand.

The cleanser comes in a squeeze tube and has 180ml of product. I love that it transparent so I can see how much product is left inside. It got difficult to get the product out as there was less inside, especially since the consistency of the cleanser is pretty thick. But after I cut the tube open, I found there was less product left in there than I thought. I didn’t get to use every little bit up because my mom thought it was garbage since it was cut up =X

Gmarket; Amore stores

180ml for less than USD$20 (if I remember correctly..I bought this a long time ago). I’m sure it’ll be less or more expensive depending on where you buy it. But that is similar to the price tag that I paid for mine.

**It seems that Laneige doesn’t carry this specific one anymore. According to their website, they have another pore cleanser called Pore Deep Clearing Foam. The package seems to be the same but I’m not sure if the product itself is as well.**


I was able to use this cleanser on and off for about a year or so. At some points during the year, I would use this only in the mornings or only at night. Other times I would use it both. So even though it is a bit pricey, the amount I needed and got out of the product was worth it.

However, product wise…I’m not sure I can’t say it was the best there is (for me at least). This was one of those cleansers that made my skin feel squeaky clean afterward. This could be a good and bad thing. The good, my skin did feel overall pretty smooth but not unclogged (if that makes sense). The bad, of course, is that it strips the skin of everything. I can’t say that it cleared my skin or pores like it claims to because I still had a lot of acne and blocked pores when I used this. But it definitely didn’t break me out either because I’ve had good skin while using this cleanser as well. After I used this cleanser, if I don’t moisturize etc right away, my skin does feel a bit tight and depending on the time of year a bit dry as well.

The product has blue beads in them, that I didn’t know until I read the pamphlet after using much of the product that it has vitamin E inside. I thought they were for exfoliating properties, so in the beginning, I would dot the product around my face, then wet my hands and massage the foam around my face. I do not recommend this because I think my skin felt drier when I did this. After I started to foam the product before cleanser it felt less tight/dry but not completely gone. After I started to use a foaming net, the tightness/dryness decreased again. At least it encourages me to use my foaming net more. This cleanser also foams very well, especially with a foaming net. And the foam isn’t wimpy/floppy foam, it is very dense. Even after you massage it around your face, it doesn’t really disintegrate into a flat foam (I hope that makes sense..heh).

Foam from lathering by foaming net.

Foam from lathering by foaming net after my brother played around with it.
The foam still looks pretty dense/stiff & hasn't flattened yet.

-Foams really well (especially if you can use the nets)
-Cleanses well and gives a squeaky clean feeling
-Depending on how moisturized my skin is, sometimes it is dried out (visible dry patches) after using this.
-Lasts for a really long time (I’ve used mine mostly in the mornings but had a period of time where I used it day and night … one tube lasted for a little over a year)
-Doesn't break me out

-Not locally available
-Can be expensive if purchased outside of Korea
-I always feel tightness about 5-7 minutes after washing my face. But when I use a foaming net my face isn't as dry and tight after I wash my face with the cleanser.
-Not as deep pore cleansing as I thought/hoped it would be. But it isn’t a bad cleanser.

No. I’ve found another cleanser that I like more (but not quite HG). Also, I think this has been discontinued anyway.


No. It was a good product. Just didn’t wow me enough to recommend. And again, I think it’s discontinued. For the price, there might be less expensive products that might work better.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. I am not affiliated with the company or any other sites mentioned above. These are just my opinions so please research more about a product before buying it. I'm just trying to share the experiences I get from using a certain product. I'm not endorsing it or anything. If anything this is for my own memory of what I liked and what I didn't like. skin is my skin...your skin is your skin, please don't blame me if the product doesn't work for you. Appropriate credits mentioned wherever I copied and pasted from the brand's website.


Is the new wordy/extensive opinions addition okay? Or should I go back to only the short Pros/Cons lists?


  1. i agree. i bought this in hopes that it would help clear my pores but all it did was "regularly clean my face" but my skin still felt dirty. definitely a waste of my $20. not sure waht to do with the rest of it. I guess i could use it for my body xD iono, Laneige disappointed me with this one

  2. the foaming net looks so cool!! def gonna go find one. sorry to hear it was only ok =\

  3. IchigoBunnie: I've only tried Laneige's pore trouble line and found it was just ok as well. I was so excited about it too! I'm still curious about their other products hehe I hate it when products don't work well...such a waste to it throw out and can't always figure out another way to use it. Have you found a better cleanser?

    ShinyPrettyThings: I really like to use a foaming net. It's an extra step but I like the foam it makes a lot better. I'd recommend getting one similar to the one that cosmeddicted showed rather than the one that I showed.

  4. I've never heard of foaming nets, they seem like a really good idea. Sorry to hear this product was kind of disappointing... I hate when that happens.

    xo, alison*elle

  5. Sorry to hear it didn't work out. =( Wonder if that's why it's been discontinued?

  6. alison*elle: I really love the foaming nets. I thought I was going to have to continue using the type that I showed in this post, which I really didn't like because the foam was so difficult to get out of the balls...but I'm glad MUJI's US started to stock them! :D You should definitely try if you get the chance.

    Shop N' Chomp: I didn't think about that..If so it's better than them discontinuing good products! :P

  7. OK, since you dont recommend this then I wont even consider buying it. hahahaha soo many skincare items to try but so little money. Sigh*

    Whats up with you recently? Anything fun happen? :)

  8. Popcorn: I know! & I've been pretty busy with college...boring I know :P The only 'fun' thing that happened lately was going to the opening for Uniqlo 5th Ave today actually..My first time standing on such a long line to get into a store! But it was a nice experience. :]

  9. A very thorough review! Too bad it doesn't work out on you, but luckily you've found a better one :)

  10. it sounds a lot like the multi-cleanser! I have that one =D it gives squeaky clean, a bit tight feeling after, and gives really dense foam too! lololol I like my hada labo cleanser better =P

  11. DinaXYYan: Yup! Although...curiousity will probably get the better of me and I'll want to try more cleansers haha

    Frances: I'm liking the hada labo cleanser too!

  12. Hello Mandy =DD Merry Christmas!! :D Yay now you're free you can sleep all you want xD (that's all I've been doing now xD)

    RE: lol sigghhh I wish it worked for me... I really like how natural it looks... but i just look so greasy at the end of the day >"< I want to try MAC MSF natural next and I know you have and like that one :P

    lol all the drama names you listed i haven't even heard! i've downloaded "dream high" and "personal taste" (lee min ho <3 <3 <3) and i'm gonna start on "dream high" next :D hehe if I have time before school starts i will look for sungkyunkwan scandal :D