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I was tagged by Kar Yi from AngelicBetrayal. Thank you sooo much!! & Visit her blog!! Who'd have thought my blog would get a cute blog award :P I didn't...especially when I don't even update often hehe...=X

For this award you:
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Award Questions:

1. What is your go to makeup product?
I tend to wear very minimal makeup on a day to day basis. Enough that not many people even realize I wear makeup at all xD I tend to reach for a illuminating base (from Beauty Credit) and powder (usually I wear my MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural but I've been recently trying out my new Canmake compact for the past few days) if I wear any products at all.

2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
To be honest, I don't follow the fashion trends. When I shop I wear whatever I feel most comfortable in (hoodies, T-shirts, & jeans). I don't know what the fashion trends of 2011 were but I really liked the sheer blouse look...that I sadly cannot wear with my chubby figure =\

3. What is your favorite dessert?
I LOVE desserts! But have to stay away from them now for the better of my health ^__^ I really like cakes/cupcakes. My ultimate favorite desserts are probably anything with red bean in it, particularly 紅豆沙 hong dou calls it red bean soup. Any other red bean lovers? ^__^ Apparently it runs in the family! My cousins from my dad's side also loves red bean! I didn't believe in such things before until they mentioned it.

4. Favorite color?
PURPLE!! I hope someone noticed from my blog name hehe Although I tend to wear pretty plain colors (black, white, grey, navy...very boring!) I'm not a risky person >__>

5. What is your middle name?
I don't have a middle name.

6. What was the last song you listened to?
The very last song I 'listened' to was something that was playing at the gym & I don't remember what it was because I wasn't paying attention. So I'll share the last song that played on my phone (I use it as a music player, multi-purpose :D)...Everyday by Hwanhee (환희)

Something about myself:
I think I've only told this to one (or two) people in the blogging world...I'm a HUGE k-pop and korean dramas fan/lover/follower! I think it started when I was in middle school? Either I stumbled upon it while reading fan-fictions with k-pop idol characters or bestie brought me into it with Super Junior and DBSK. Whichever way, now I can't seem to get out of it =X 2NE1, Big Bang, WonderGirls, 2PM, 2AM, SNSD, IU, City Hunter, Secret Garden, The Greatest Love, Running Man and many many more...I listen to them all. Not too much of the newer and younger ones though (I'm jealous...and they are getting too young!) xD Since college started, I can't follow dramas and the new song releases as much but it's a great way (for me) to relieve stress! Although I've got to say...I'm not updated as bestie! She's always very informed at what is happened in that department :P What I would do to be able to visit Korea...!! *Embarrassed hehe

I will tag...
Make Peace with Yourself :)
epued ♥ panda
Shop N' Chomp

Do check out their blogs! There are many others but I think they may already be tagged?


  1. Thanks, Mandy! Yep, definitely noticed you love purple from your blog name. *^_^* And I love red bean too but only if it's in ice cream. Weird, I

  2. Shop N' Chomp: There's always the popsicle? lol I bet there is red bean ice cream in places like Hong Kong :P But yup red bean ice cream in the US would be awesome! haha

  3. Thanks for responding to my tag :D I like red bean a lot too (and I dislike green tea)! It's not surprising at all that you're into kpop because I think 85% of Asian kids go through it at some point. I was very, very into Asian pop (mostly Taiwanese and Korean) from middle school and high school but I realized how much time it was taking up in my life XD My favorite groups were DBSK (when it was still the five of them), Super Junior, SNSD, Wonder Girls, Epik High, and a few other songs here and there. The only ones I still somewhat follow loosely are SNSD because I love their fashion and beauty styles (they have great stylists!). I totally agree with your point about how the new artists are so young! It makes me feel incredibly old and unsuccessful haha :)

  4. Umm hi, fellow k-drama/pop addict here. Lets start chatting more! haha

  5. Angelic Betrayal: NP, it was fun! I always forget to do them and feel terrible afterwards =X A lot of SM Ent groups! lol I actually wasn't too big a fan of SNSD's songs until recently...they really do grow on people haha I totally agree with you on their fashion. Makes me want to change out my wardrobe...NOW :P

    MissFeelo: Woot! More kdrama/kpop lovers than I thought hehe :]

  6. Thank you so much for the award Mandy!! :D I do love red beans too haha ^_^

  7. Haha I love red beans too! Red bean mochi! LOL
    awww minimal makeup? haha Same, I dont do much makeup except sunscreen and BB cream. :)

    Kdrama and Kpop <3 <3 I was introduced by ma mom. hahah wat a bad influence. >.< My favorite girl band is definitely 2ne1. Their music is so bad-ass. Gotta love their style

  8. Thanks so much for tagging me ^_^ I read your entry a while back but never got around to comment... I'm planning on doing this tag in the very near future :D
    I'm not a red bean lover per se, but I do like it :D I really like red bean ice cream bars!!! they're so good!!! (I've only had them when I was in Taiwan not sure where to find them here) and I really like 紅豆餅... have you had these before???

    and speaking of Korean drama, I saw that Dream High 2 is out... have you watched it yet? :D

    1. I love the ice cream bars! I usually find those at Chinese supermarkets. I've never even seen 紅豆餅 before, but it looks yummy. Wonder if NYC has this...

      I'm waiting for more subtitles to come out first. Have you started it?