Bits and Pieces of My Life...Quarters Collection

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My poor piggie was emptied a little while ago.
I've had this piggie for as long as I can remember, and then some.
Luckily it isn't the kind that I have to smash open to get the coins out...or else I'd never want to save any coins in there!

I haven't counted my coins for maybe...10+ years?
The most coins that I have are quarters.
In the US, many quarters have special faces imprinted on the tails side for each State.

I have the habit of never using any "new" quarters because I never sorted which States' quarters I actually owned. Now that I know which ones I have, I don't have to stand in a store for a good 2-3 minutes searching for an "old" quarter (ones with just the eagle).

After this, I discovered that they released 5 special faced quarters every year for 10 years. Which makes sense since there are 50 states in total. I wish I discovered this earlier so I would have more quarters to use. But I guess this is a good thing, now I have more money saved up.

Although I have all 50 states, I'm still missing a lot of the 2009-2011 quarters...

2009: District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana

2010: Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Mount Hood

2011: Gettysburg, Glacier, Olympic, Vicksburg, Chickasaw

When I get to travel, I'm going to start a foreign coin collection!
Does anyone else collect quarters or am I just strange? :X
Do other countries also have these special coins?

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  1. I used to collect quarters with a passion but now I've kind of neglected it a little. Don't have enough time. BUT! If I get change back and I haven't seen the quarter before, I add it to my collection haha xD

  2. I lost track of which ones I didn't see before and just dropped all of them, regardless, into my piggie xD The newer '09-'11 looks much more intricate! But they are harder to find...

  3. This is so interesting! I've never collected quarters because I've never had the thought to. I collect (very loosely) $2 bills and $1.00 coins. I like your hobby and I think it's cool!

  4. i think it's so cool to collect the quarters!! i tried when they 1st released the different quarter designs. but i got lazy & lost track lol

  5. Rainy Days and Lattes: Are there different $1 coins too? I've only seen the gold/silver colored ones that the Subway machines in NYC dispense as change...$2 bills are so rare! I wonder how I could get my hands on one nowadays!

    ShinyPrettyThings: I had a little too much spare time on my hands over the Winter break. Otherwise I wouldn't know which ones I had/didn't have! I lost track a long time ago but kept at collecting them :P

  6. I LOVE QUARTERS! hahaha the best coins everrr. Dang, you got yourself quite a pile! What is that more than 10 bucks? hahaha

  7. Popcorn: It was over 60 bucks! I was so surprised after I counted it all...My uncle saw it and said "That is all you have? I have more than you!" =.=;;

  8. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this photo. SO many quarters. Can't believe you collected so many!

  9. MissFeelo: It took many many years! I wish in shock myself after counting it all! :P

  10. impressive! I used to collect all my pennies in my piggy bank too when I was little :D (except my piggy bank wasn't a piggy but a bride :P) but sadly I never got to fill it all the way up. I used to collect foreign coins! my favorite ones will be from Australia... they have the prettiest coins O_O with different animal printings and stuff hehe

  11. I have a jar of pennies too! But I'm not even going to get myself started on counting those...haha I can't wait to collect foreign coins. I have a few here or there from relatives but none I got myself :\

  12. You have a nice collection! :D I don't collect coins but have always been fascinated by the different designs that come out.

  13. Precisely the reason why I'm collecting them! They look prettier and more intricate every year :P I didn't know until I was searching for the ones I was missing but apparently there are many possible design choices until they pick the final one. (I sound so nerdy...xD)

  14. Nothing wrong with being nerdy :) Do you collect stamps too?

  15. Of course! :P I don't collect those but some of those designs are pretty too! I think the only reason why I didn't collect those was because I'd have to go buy them. Whereas for quarters it was just loose change.

  16. Whoa! That’s a huge pile of quarters. And it’s pretty cool that you have all kinds of quarters of different states. That’s a totally complete collection of quarters. Why don’t you deposit it in the bank? Or, if you just want to keep it at your home, you better purchase a coin box or tray so that all your coins are arranged. ->Harriett Faulks

    1. I should get a tray for it! I think if I put them in the bank I'd lose the special ones though :T