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TO MEE!! :D was yesterday. But I didn't have enough time after the family gathering to share how my day went. Sorry!

The 'surprise' lunar & gregorian birthdays were the SAME this year!!
How often does that happen? Or does no one else pay attention to that but me? hehe >__>

I don't think I've ever posted a photo of my face before. Mostly because I feel very self-conscious about myself and I'm not very photogenic...Partially because I'm still slightly uncomfortable exposing myself to the blogging world (only 2 people in real life know I have a blog)

Primer: Ultima II Under-It-All Makeup Perfector SPF25; Highlighter: Beauty Credit Lovely Q10 Pearl Shine Make Up Base; Foundation: mark natural skin foundation - powder buff; Blush: MAC MSF Stereo Rose

I've been wearing this look for a few weeks now. I tend to go for quick, light, and natural makeup on most days. Very boring...I know! =X

What bestie and I ate on our lunch date.
Omurice + Tonkatsu Combo & Ddeokbokki

Paris Baguette's Blueberry Chiffon Cake

For the past 4 or 5 years, my brother and I ALWAYS got Baskin Robbins Oreo Ice Cream Cake. To the point where even though oreo ice cream is one of my favorite flavors, I am sick of it...After discovering Paris Baguette on 32nd Street in K-Town, I couldn't help but want to try their cakes! They have many flavors and I had the hardest time choosing which one. The first time I went into the store, they didn't have this cake available. After maybe half an hour I went to the shop again and this beauty appeared.

I had two cakes...

I'm not greedy--just picky xD The other one was bought by my mom because she prefers Chinese bakery fruit cakes (which I dislike) & she said there was going to be a lot of people.
Both ended up being devoured so there was no problem :]

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of blueberries. Definitely not whole blueberries at that.

I could NOT resist the PURPLE goodness!

It actually didn't taste bad at all. The blueberries that were in the cake layers were soft enough that I didn't mind them being in there. It also wasn't too sweet (for me at least. My mom complained about though, but she is uber sugar sensitive...).
I'd definitely want to try their other cakes in the future!

A lovely purple card bestie gave me. I love how she never fails to give me a birthday card with her personal message. People don't do that often/if at all nowadays...a nice thought that is being lost along with snail mail =\

I laughed a little when I opened her card to find this note. She mentioned writing down the names of my present, but I was not expecting this xD

I knew what it was before I even opened my present! Lush products have a scent that is hard to forget. I can't wait to use these!
Could anyone share how to use bath melts and the foot scrub?

The other birthday present I received from a childhood 'friend'/classmate's mom. (Sounds strange but
It is SOO cute! My brother loves it more than I do :P
Does anyone know if it has a name? The tag says it's from HK (I think).

Instax photos! Thank you bestie for taking these & for using your expensive film on me!
I hope she doesn't mind me posting these!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
    Wow i think the blueberry cake looks good!!!! i have had Paris Baguette cakes before they are quite pricey............ but they are a lil more hmm elevated than chinese bakery taste but asian cake is asian cake!!!
    Hope u enjoyed urself!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDY!! :D <3 The cake looks not only beautiful but sooooooo yummy! I hope you had a blast :)

  3. Lilladylife: Thank you!! They are expensive! But my family only buys cakes for my birthday and my brother's so once in a while is okay :P

    LittoMokaa: Thank you!! :] It was absolutely great, definitely much better than I was expecting!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!! =) Both cakes look amazing. I love Paris Baguette! I'm not sure if it's the same one I have locally here :) I love Chinese cakes a lot! It's been awhile since I had one :p

  5. Rainy Days and Lattes: Thank you!! I think PB's should be similar no matter what coast? Even though their breads and individual sized foods are more expensive I really want to try them...all! Maybe chinese cakes are different since they're not a franchise lol The ones I've had are not enjoyable :X

  6. Happy belated birthday! We're birthday month buddies :D
    I'm usually not fond of the Chinese fruit & sponge cakes too but there are a few bakeries here that make really good ones with mango slices all around the outside. Mmm can't wait to have cake for my birthday too. Wish I could have two kinds ;P

  7. Happy belated birthday! Such a pretty cake and that massive plush doll (whatever it is) is sooo cute! Sounds like you had a great day :D

  8. Happy late birthday :) Your cakes looked so pretty! Your friend is so cute for writing down the descriptions on the card for you! && yes, handwritten cards are so rare nowadays so I tend to keep a lot of the ones I get for years XD

  9. Ashley: Thank you!! & Really? Cool! March babies!! ^__^ I haven't tried the other cakes because those are more recent additions. Maybe I should give them another chance...xD

    Maggie: Thank you!!! I think it is an octopus? The label said it's suppose to be lavender...but it's very pink! :[

    AngelicBetrayal: Thank you!! :D I've kept all the cards I've received since I was little. (Even if they're blank christmas cards that just say to mandy from xxx) xD

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! well late bday >< hahaha nahh, i think you are photogenic~ Have more confidence :)
    The cake looks amazing. I used to always get the Baskin Robins Mint Chocolate Cake. haha The octopus is so cutee

  11. Thank you! Ice Cream cakes are good but I've had one too many :P


    let me catch my breath..

    okay, haha I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Your cake looks GORGEOUS! I love how it's purple on the inside!

  13. MissFeelo: Thank you!! & I'm pretty sure it is an octopus. It has 8 tentacles? haha
    I had never seen a purple cake until this one. I was in cake heaven :D

  14. ahhh!!! I missed it!!! happy belated!!!! it looks like you had a blast =DDD the cakes look yummy!!! I actually love blueberries so I'm totally not drooling at all when I saw these pics... T^T

    hehe my friends at this school don't know about my blog either XD I mean they know I love makeup and stuff but they don't know about my blog XD I don't know but I rather ppl not know about it XD
    I'm not photogenic either... not in real life. I'm only photogenic in my camwhore pics XD it's all about practicing and finding the right angle (am I really encouraging you to practice camwhoring? LOL maybe I am XD)

    happy belated bday again Mandy ^_^

  15. Thank you!!! Just the cake eating part was fun :P
    I feel the same way about rather people not knowing! My own little world xD