A much needed update

6:25:00 PM mandy 9 Comments

Bye Droid!
You've served your purpose and was very fun to play with you, my first encounter with a smartphone.
I hated how you broke and could only work on speaker phone; which very embarrassing when I'm on the train or library you know!

You were great while you lasted.
But now I have something better.

Hello iPhone 4s!
I'll take very good care of you, especially since you're so expensive!
Hopefully, you'll live up to all the praises everyone made of you.

After 2 years of the Droid and almost a year of only being able to make/take calls through the speaker function, I could not be more happy to finally upgrade my phone.

The only bad thing is the high prices I (technically my parents) have to pay for such a luxury...family plan, iPhone warranty/insurance (which apparently is much higher than normal smartphones), and 3G services. My head hurts already =.=

But the good news is, I can finally experience all the hype of the iPhone. I'm slowly trying to get the hang of a new phone system but once I'm accustomed, I'll try and start using Instagram too. If anyone has one share your username with me!


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  1. OMG the IPHONE!!!! GOSHHH you got me jealous. hahaha all of my friends who got the iphone are literally HOOKED to it. OHH instagram meee: popcorn3148

  2. Popcorn: I hope I'll be hooked to! Must love it for its value haha

  3. Congrats on your sexy new iPhone! :D

  4. Lmfao I JUST got the same phone a few days ago but have yet to activate it and use it because I'm waiting for the case I ordered to come in the mail.... I'm extremely paranoid about scratches lol XD

  5. Shop N' Chomp: Thanks! :D

    AngelicBetryal: I have no choice but to use it, my old one got deactivated on the spot =.= Have to be extra careful from now until my case arrives...

  6. Ah, sad you've left Team Android. :( Hope you like your new phone!

  7. MissFeelo: Thanks! But...I miss some of the button options on my Droid! :(

  8. Congrats on the new phone! :D I just switched to iPhone earlier this year XD I only got 4 not 4s because I was cheap ahahah. At first I really hated how there are no keypads, but I guess I'm so used to it now I don't even think about it anymore XD

  9. Frances: I have a family plan and the place I went to didn't offer the 4. I wasn't to sure about Siri but it's fun using it :P Less buttons to push to get things done haha When I got my first smartphone, I made sure to get a keyboard. But I found I didn't use it much anyways so now it doesn't bother me as much. I'm very afraid of being robbed now >__>;;!