September Happenings

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This month went by really quickly! I forgot that school does that to a person's perception of time...Especially with all the days off we had at the school I go to, I hardly felt like I've been attending classes for a whole month already. I didn't get to do many things other than go to school, eat, and shop some. Doesn't sound exciting enough to share right? But nonetheless, there were some highlights of my month!

I didn't get to post on the actual date but Happy Belated Mid-Autumn Festival! (This sounds a little weird to me because the official start of fall was only like a week ago...hah.) For this year I didn't eat the traditional mooncakes. I was finally able to try the snow-skin mooncakes. This one, in particular, was a taro one. I must was yummy. Of course, it's a plus that the mooncake was purple!

The most exciting event of my September!!!!! This one deserves all the exclamation points it can get!!!
I have been anticipating this concert since they announced Big Bang will have one way back in...the summer. I didn't think I'd actually be able to go but when my friend said she was interested as well I definitely wanted to get my butt there in November. She was able to get not 1 but 2 of the highly sought after VIP tickets. I was so surprised...I checked the ticket listings for fun a few minutes after they were released and they were virtually non-existent. Despite the high ticket price, I am stoked! I can't wait for this concert.

The rare chance that my nails are actually strong enough for me to paint them! Nothing too flashy, but a nice transition going into fall no?

I also shopped more than I would like to admit this month. This is just a photo of one of my hauls...Scary! I've been putting a lot more effort into dressing "up" for school nowadays. Definitely trying to get out of the jeans and hoodies rut I was in for the longest time...

I haven't browsed the Macy's selection of clothes in a LONG time. I went the other day with my mother and I was immediately drawn to this burgundy Tommy Hilfiger button down. My mom, on the other hand, did not like it at all. But that didn't stop me from at least trying it. I LOVED the way it looked. It had a slight hi-low and when I tucked the front in, it didn't show my muffin top like most other shirts do *sigh* The only thing that stopped me from getting it was its price. I scanned the top and it came out to be $55.xx...WHY SO PRICEY?! I must wait for this to go on sale!

Do you guys think my gym gear is breaking too many fashion rules (if any)? Or does that not matter when you go to the gym? I haven't been worked out in a while so I made it a point to get myself there the other day. I don't know what made me get on the treadmill when I usually just go on the cross-ramp but it felt nice (at the time). My legs couldn't even bend without hurting for the next few days...

The only other interesting thing I did was eat.

Poutine @ Pommes Frites

I'm not sure how poutine in Canada tastes, but I think this is the closest we can get in NYC? I loved how crunchy the fries were. But I just wished the cheese curds was a little more melted/stringy.

Takoyaki @ Otafuku

A little hole-in-the-wall shop on a side street at St.Marks. I love their takoyaki! Surprisingly, of the three times I've bought from them this was the only time I've eaten it fresh and hot. It was good...The only complaint I have was I wish mine were a bit crispier on the outside. But that could have been a timing problem because I didn't want to burn myself eating the takoyaki right away...heh.

Chocolate Swirl Bread & Macarons @ Panya Bakery

I gotta say I loved both of these. Especially the bread. It wasn't overly sweet but definitely not as plain as white toast. Not something I'd indulge in often but definitely something I'd get again. I love that you can ask them to cut the loaf of bread there. They have a thick toast option! LOVE~

Sunrise (Mango & Strawberry White Tea) with Aloe Jelly @ Yaya Tea Garden

I've tried a couple syrupy teas and I think they just aren't for me...They all taste too sweet for my liking. I wonder if I could ask for less of the syrup the next time I go (whenever that is). But I do appreciate the different types of jellies they had available!

Variety of sushi rolls @ Wasabi

Since I don't eat raw fish, I always end up getting a plate full of not so healthy but very delicious sushi with something fried in it instead. Not complaining though! I love me some sushi!

Homemade Herbal Jelly (not made by me)

I've been eating this all of August and September. At first, we just bought the stuff from the store but my mom decided to try making it herself. It wasn't too bad, although some batches were more jelly like than others. I love to eat this with agave nectar instead of liquid sugar. Apparently, ABCs aren't a big fan of this? I guess I'm the exception...I love this stuff!

I wish I could be as carefree as this guy (at least it seems he is). The next coming months at school will be stressful. Not just because of the workload. Mainly because it's my first semester as a sophomore and I really still have no burning definite decision for my major yet. AHH! Was anyone else in this situation or am I just really terrible for not having a goal in life...still...?


  1. Your month looks like it was fun :) I love the color of the Burgundy shirt and I'm sure you can find something similar in a more budget friendly place like H&M or F21. Asian moms are the hardest people to shop with.... Good for you for going to the gym! I haven't been there since the summer and I am SO lazy :( I usually wear a tee shirt and basketball shorts because I hate being overly warm in a hoodie and all that. Also, I feel kind of weird wearing leggings or tight sweats to the gym full of guys.... Just because. The looseness of the basketball shorts makes me feel like insecure and body conscious :)

    Wow, I didn't even know we could get Poutine here in NYC (although I should know better). I've seen pics of other people eating it but never was motivated enough to find out where I could get some. Yours looked really good! I really like herbal jelly too, even if it's a little bitter sometimes. It's really refreshing and it seems like a healthy dessert as opposed to ice cream haha.

    Hope you can find something you like enough to major in it for now. Your life and career isn't set in stone so try not to worry TOO much about not having a major yet! I think it's a bit dumb to make us decide what we "want to do in life" when we're teenagers. If anything, decide if you want to go into the business school or not and just take all the prerequisite classes so you have a bit more time to sort out your classes!

    1. I will look through H&M and F21 some more. But the current trend is sheer so I haven't had much luck :\

      If I went to the gym at school I wouldn't wear something so tight either! haha & I'm the total opposite! I always feel uncomfortable in a Tee & Shorts so I tend to overdress and coverup for my workouts =.=

      I ended up choosing the last of my business school prereqs for this semester so I won't be late at declaring my major when the time comes. Thanks for the suggestion! Hopefully I won't be too caught up with keeping up with my grades and forget to look into a intended major *sigh*

  2. Wow so many awesome pictures!! I haven't tried those kind of moon cakes before maybe next year. I've had a durian flavor one before. It was yummy. Ahh, look at all the delicious food you posted. You make me hungry.

    1. Ahh I don't know if I'll have the guts to try a durian flavored anything...!

  3. Jealous about the concert! Once I heard about it, I wanted to go, but then it's not plausible with no ride to go! But I hope you have an AMAZING time there and you should tell me about it :P I was hoping that they'd have a concert in NY instead of Prudential Center in NJ -_-

    1. I was really turned off by the location too. If I didn't have anyone to go with I wouldn't have bought tickets. I'll definitely let you know how it goes! Ahh so close...just in 3 weeks!! O: Can't believe it..