Fail Attempt at Nail Art

10:30:00 AM mandy 5 Comments

I really should be studying and writing a paper that is due on Monday...but I was so distracted with the idea of trying a nail art technique I saw on Pinterest with the polishes I just bought. Of course the logical option was to just get rid of this itch and be able to concentrate better at what I needed to get done, don't you agree?

The basic idea of the technique is to cut strips of tape and place them however you want on your nails, paint a layer of polish over it, and slowly peel off the pieces of tape.

In addition to a base and top coat, I used 2 layers of Revlon Calla Lily & 1 layer of Sally Hansen Petrol.

Obviously...I didn't get very good results on my very first attempt. There are lines that look pretty good, but for some reason (I have yet to figure out why) certain lines just didn't come out as clean as others. Maybe the culprit was putting too much nailpolish? Or perhaps I didn't let it dry enough...or was it too dry? Anyone have any ideas?

A definite tip I can share so far for this tape design method: Be careful when you apply your top coat!
Especially if you have one that tends to pick up/move around the nailpolish. Use a thicker coat and don't skimp! Or else the top coat will move the top most layer of polish around and cause bleeding/smearing of colors and you won't have nice define lines anymore. (But of course this could just be the OCD perfectionist in me talking...hah)

When I have a little more time I will definitely try this again though. It takes more time, patience, and effort than just applying a single polish color but I love the way it turns out! Maybe after a couple of tries I'll be able to master it and share more tips of how to do this design.


  1. It still looks really cool! Imagine doing this with red nail polish when Christmas comes around. :)

  2. Reminds me of a reverse zebra print. Super cool! :) Oh and I totally did my nails when I was supposed to be studying or doing Good luck w/ that paper though!

  3. I'm actually impressed? XD I don't have the patience to wait for my nail polish to dry, let alone do designs/tapes on them XD

    1. It didn't take to long! Especially since the polishes I used dried pretty quickly.