Daily Look & End Results of Unofficial Project Make a Dent No. 3

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lavlilacs 2017 daily makeup look

In the nearly 9 years since I dove head first into all things beauty, it took me a good 5 years before I somewhat comfortably wore base makeup on the daily. It took me another year or two for eyeshadows and another two to three for lipsticks. Yes, that's right...despite being mostly a "beauty blog" here on the interwebs it took me that long to gain that confidence. Even still my look of choice is barely-there, natural-ish makeup.

I amassed a ton of BB Creams and blush when BB Creams had yet to hit it big on the Western side of the world. Texture, consistency, and shading left most of those tubes to just sit in my drawers. Drugstore foundations were intimidating because there wasn't, still isn't, an opportunity to test pre-purchase and I am also not a fan of buying & returning. Higher-end varieties were just that, too expensive to justify for someone not yet committed to the makeup everyday routine. I thought wearing eyeshadows and lipsticks were typically attention grabbers and was never quite ready for it all if any.

Going through a cleaning phase knocked some sense into how unrealistic my makeup stash was compared to how much makeup I applied—at the time maybe a couple times a week...every so often. I tossed out bottles and bottles of the liquid stuff and was still staring at one too many powders, blushes, eyeshadow palettes, and lip products. That was basically the start of the first Project Make a Dent for me, way back in 2015.

Besides actually going through some makeup products, doing the PMAD's finally got makeup application to be a normal routine for me. Now it is just as natural as brushing my teeth and changing clothes in the mornings. I know how much time it will take me from start to finish and generally what techniques and products I have that work best. Even though there is still loads to learn, it isn't something that causes me stress anymore. Of all things to in the world to be stressed of, the fear of looking weird in makeup was foolishly one of mine.

lavlilacs 2017 daily makeup look - products used flat lay

That may look like a lot of steps but from the start of skincare to the end of makeup it only takes about 20 minutes tops if I don't suddenly try anything new in the mornings. If I used a cushion type base, I even shave off around 5 minutes of application time. My goal isn't to look perfectly flawless. I think the key to getting out the door is accepting that not every imperfect has to be painstakingly covered. Having all the products out in plain sight is also a game changer.

lavlilacs 2017 daily makeup look eyes

lavlilacs 2017 daily makeup look - products used details

My daily routine is usually, more or less, the above photo. I work my way from left to right product-wise. Step one and two are to color correct with the JUNGSAEMMOOL Artist Concealer Palette in Blend and the Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer in Green, whichever I grab first. Then I mix the Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer with the VDL MULE Ultimate Cover Palette in A03 and apply it lightly all over with a damp beautyblender sponge (the MULE cream foundation is very dry and thick). I follow with a light dusting of the bronzer shade in the MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish in Pink Power and also highlight with either shimmery shades in the compact. Afterwards, I brush the MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Blush in Pet Me over top my cheeks; sometimes on the apples, other times right up to my temples.

I have recently started to "contour" my nose bridge with the Urban Decay eyeshadows in Naked and Buck shades. I use quotes because it is barely visible. I am practically incorporating this step for the sake of trying to use some of the shadow up. Since I lay some base color with the "contour" shades as well, I lightly dust either Half Baked or Toasted on my eyelids for some textural difference. I also bring some of that along the lower lashline to balance the look, it is especially helpful when dealing with a very smudgy eyeliner. If I use a liquid liner or more smudge-resistant liner, I would apply eyeliner as the last step in my eye makeup routine. When using the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Crayon in Blacquer, I have to use a darker shadow, Urban Decay in Darkhorse or Hustle, to set it because the formula is way too soft. The only way I can use that specific eyeliner is via a light-handed half-eyelid line that is smudged out the rest of the way with a thin eyeliner brush. Otherwise, I end up looking like a crying panda within minutes!

When I am satisfied with everything else, I fill my brows with the JUNGSAEMMOOL Refining Color Bony Brow in Smoky Bony and lightly dab (or swipe on with a brush) the JUNGSAEMMOOL High Color Lipstick in High Matte Burgundy onto the inner area of my lips for a gradient look.

lavlilacs 2017 Project Make A Dent No.3 end results

Even though I didn't make the Project Make a Dent official this year by sharing it on the blog, I was still trying my hardest to pan out things in my collection. I continued to work on the Visee Glam Nude Eye Shadow Palette in N-1 from PMAD No. 2 for a good portion of 2017. I upgraded to the Urban Decay Naked palette (circa 2011?) because I was honestly getting a little bored with the limited color selection. I hardly touched the Naked palette since purchasing it ages ago. While it doesn't look like much, most of the pans were filled to the brim when I first started. Now, look at those tiny tiny dips especially in Sidecar, Half Baked, and Toasted!

The other makeup item I stuck with from last year was the Pet Me Mineralized Blush from MAC. I was determined to see it to the end it after witnessing the progress from the last MAC blush I panned. It took daily makeup usage and an extremely excessive amount of brush swirling to see that much pan. I think it is safe to call it quits with this one once the new year hits, right?

Since I finished the bronzing/contour powder during the last Make a Dent journey, I quickly switched over to the limited edition MAC Wonder Woman Mineralized Skinfinish in Pink Power. It may be LE but I have also had it for years. This can't sit in my stash forever... I overfilled with joy when I saw the two highlighting colors diminish throughout the year. Contrastingly, the actual bronzer section looked to not have budge at all. But given how nicely domed it once was I can confidently say it has come a long way since January. I just hope it won't take me another full year to see the rest of the rings. The packaging is something I might keep around for the sake of it having been limited but at least the product inside wouldn't have gone to waste.

Otherwise, I finished a handful of eyeliners and cushion compacts throughout 2017 as well. They aren't as interesting to show in Project Make a Dents since I go through those kinds of items fairly regularly. They haven't been featured in any of my reviews of late either since the products themselves are on the older side (as in I've had them unopened for 1-2 years) and in the time period many of the products have been discontinued or upgraded. It is a shame though...I did find a few favorites amongst them and may never be able to find a better replacement. Well at least here is to another year of attempting to clear out my stash, rediscovering and trying out new things!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone~