November Hauls

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lavlilacs November 2017 haul - CeraVe, Sephora, and Peach & Lily

There hasn't been this much variety in my month-to-month beauty purchases in a while. The only thing all of these products have in common is they were bought on sale and/or with coupons. With all the stuff I already have that is basically the only sane reason I use to justify myself at this point.

lavlilacs November 2017 haul - CeraVe PM facial Moisturizing Lotions

CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion is making its routine appearance. I have yet to share my written thoughts on it because I want to try the lotion in the drier, colder weather first. But I think actions are speaking a thousand words for me already. As per usual, I stacked a bunch of coupons and deals to buy both for ~USD $6-7 each.

(Of the 6 bottles total now that I have bought in the last year, I have seen at least 3-4 variations of packaging...what's up with that?)

lavlilacs November 2017 haul - Sephora VIB Rouge

While everyone (including my usual self) seems to lose all control during the annual Sephora VIB Rouge sale, I tried to be a tad more sensible this year. It felt wasteful to not use that 20% discount after all that money I dumped at Sephora last year to gain the VIB status. Plus, I had some gift cards to spend with the brand. So why not?

My self-control was reigned in well right? My actual purchase included both the Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon and Green Tea plus a Farmacy cleansing balm. Despite waiting for 2+ weeks before receiving any further progress updates on my VIB order, Sephora e-mailed to say the cleansing balm had in fact been sold-out. I'm glad the entire order wasn't canceled but I had my hopes up patiently waiting for 3 items... To think Sephora's website and inventory would be better connected than that.

lavlilacs November 2017 haul - Peach & Lily Black Friday Cyber Monday deals

While I was being disappointed by Sephora's lack of progress, Peach & Lily's Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale had me jumping up and down in my seat. 30% off everything, including their newly curated brands?! Score! Since I had swiped up some of their newer skincare brands, Olivarrier and abib, at their sample sale, I was most interested in finally getting my hands on more of the JUNGSAEMMOOL makeup.

The prices are higher than Korean retail on Peach and Lily but with the 30% discount, and EMS costs via Global Lotte/Hyundai in consideration, Peach & Lily was clearly the cost winner at that moment. I originally wanted to only get the JSM Refining Color Bony Brow pencil to replace my current brow product. But I was quickly reminded of their USD $50 free shipping minimum (that is currently waived for USA orders until the end of December). By that point, I got a little irrational and added the Artist Contour Palette in Shape and Shade, Essential Star-cealer Foundation in Medium-Deep, and High Color Lipstick in High Matte Burgundy. When else would I get to buy JSM on sale in the USA?? Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream found its way into the mix when Peach & Lily promised a freebie sheet mask and their sheet mask travel bag for orders over USD $100, after discounts.

Apparently, all the control I had during the Sephora sale was meant to save for this massive dump at Peach & Lily instead. My order ultimately didn't come with that sheet mask, but I am too excited for the stuff I actually paid for to be upset by it. The important products are in my hands and that is all that matters! Christmas is here early for me~