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lavlilacs November 2017 haul - DIY Hairpin legs 2-rod 16inch high 0.5inch thick white powder-coated legs

lavlilacs November 2017 haul - DIY Hairpin legs packaging

It will be a long while before I tackle my next DIY furniture project; the cold and unpredictable weather doesn't help speed up any prospective plans either. In fact, unlike my last DIY where I had thought about and drew up plans for years earlier, this future project is as of right now completely unplanned for. Practically impulsive if I do say so myself...I saw the amazing price the set hairpin legs were selling for during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale at DIY Hairpin Legs Co. and I couldn't help myself.

I had toyed with the idea of making a bench-like piece after I completed the desk. A bench would be 100% a want instead of fulfilling any sort of need. It would be nice to have something that will match my desk in terms of aesthetics. It would be nice to have something more spacious to place bags I frequently reach for. It would be convenient to have a lighter "table" I could move around for taking photos for the blog. Yet the main thing that held me back was the cost of all the materials just couldn't justify any of those wants.

When the after-Thanksgiving sales began, the company I previously bought my hairpin legs from had a deal I just couldn't pass up on. Instead of paying nearly $80 dollars (pre-shipping) for a set of 4 2-Rod, 16" high, 1/2" thick, and pre-painted (powder-coated) white hairpin legs, I was able to get the set for just $30 (pre-shipping). That is more than a 50% difference! Plus all the time I would save because I don't have to personally paint the legs white this time around, hallelujah.

The package from DIY Hairpin Legs Co. came in a much better condition. There was only a small hole on one of the sides and the box, in general, was intact. Instead of kraft paper, each individual leg was wrapped in a foam sheet that was further wrapped with stretchy plastic cling film. Everything was bundled up with so much more care! I don't know if this is because the company recently changed their packing style or if the painted hairpin legs just generally receive more attention than the raw steel ones. Either option could be possible but I think the latter makes more sense since it would be terrible if the pre-painted legs arrived chipped.

Compared to the hairpin legs that I painted myself, the pre-painted version feels so smooth and looks much glossier. I don't think it is noticeable from afar but the glossiness is definitely apparent the closer I get to the legs. Good thing these little guys are half the height of my table legs; no one will ever really stoop that low to take such a close comparison view of both together anyways. I can't wait to think more about what to actually do with these legs now. I have a good half year before the weather starts to get warm again...