JUNGSAEMMOOL High Color Lipstick - High Matt Burgundy

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lavlilacs Review JUNGSAEMMOOL High Color Lipstick - High Matt Burgundy

JUNGSAEMMOOL's High Color Lipstick in High Matt seemed too good to be true on paper: high color, matte shades that aren't drying. If it truly lives up to its claims where has this magical formulation been all this time? Why didn't anyone come up with it sooner?

A lippie junkie I am not. In fact, I almost have an aversion to lip products. I prefer my lips to be naked and free. The feeling of having something slippery on my lips is just too uncomfortable when I am conscious and aware. The marks it leaves on bottles and cups also irk my inner neat-freak tendencies.

Lip tints and stains were a nice compromise though—residue-free and long-lasting color, brilliant! It's just the formulas typically dry unforgivingly fast and colors too sheer.

When the matte look gained traction, I was intrigued—promises of non-sticky formulas that are far more blendable called my name. The dryness factor that inevitably comes with matte things held me back for sure. Constantly flaky lips don't really pair well with dry colors not does it?

lavlilacs Review JUNGSAEMMOOL High Color Lipstick - High Matt Burgundy packaging box

JUNGSAEMMOOL's Description:

High-pigmented and high-stain lipstick that defines the perfect color with single-stroke as if done by an artist.

High Chroma Color
Expresses vivid and refined color without being dusky by mixing minimum base material to increase color purity.

Cashmere Formula
Used the new cashmere formula that creates perfectly blendable and silky texture.

New Matt Texture
The new type of matte lipstick that stays on matte-finish comfortably without drying out made by a thin and even spreading process.

Evenly apply proper amount on lips.


Lipstick tube 4.7 g

JSM Beauty (Korean retail): ₩27,000
JSM Beauty (USA retail): USD $29.74
Peach & Lily: USD $29.00

lavlilacs Review JUNGSAEMMOOL High Color Lipstick - High Matt Burgundy label safety seal

lavlilacs Review JUNGSAEMMOOL High Color Lipstick - High Matt Burgundy color labeling

lavlilacs Review JUNGSAEMMOOL High Color Lipstick - High Matt Burgundy opened


Lipsticks in this line come in a twist up bullet "tubing". The outer plastic is boxy but the lipstick itself is a slender circular shape. The tip isn't shaped in any unique way, just flat and barely angled. I found it difficult to achieve nice define edges when directly applying; a small tipped brush would be the way to go. I don't know about you but my lips aren't that flat. I guess I could have tried to create the lines with the edge of the lipstick but I prefer to keep those clean cut.

I very much appreciate the thought that went into all the packaging. The box makes use of all its small real estate while maintaining negative space. The safety seal is the actual functional labels instead of separate plastic wrap or some arbitrary sticker. The cap is mostly clear so I could spot the shade no matter if I stand the tube up or lay it down flat. I could also tell what color it is even if placed label side up as the name, albeit in Korean only, is printed rather large in comparison to the other information on the label. Even the color of the label is practically a near perfect match of the color of the lipstick, which can be surprisingly rare to find.

The one thing that is missing though is an officially printed ingredients list...even if it has to be in Korean. The photo above shows an English ingredient list on the box, but that is one printed and placed on by Peach & Lily (I am guessing done Stateside) to comply with USA's cosmetic selling standards.

lavlilacs Review JUNGSAEMMOOL High Color Lipstick - High Matt Burgundy hand swatches

lavlilacs Review JUNGSAEMMOOL High Color Lipstick - High Matt Burgundy transfer test

lavlilacs Review JUNGSAEMMOOL High Color Lipstick - High Matt Burgundy lip swatch buildability closeup

Color, Texture, Finish, & Scent

Describing a color that is named burgundy is difficult. Burgundy is burgundy! The best I can do is give some associating terms to help make it more relatable. Blood, ox-blood red, wine, deep red, vampy, etc. I think all of those trendy beauty/fashion keywords are fitting. It is a very textbook sample of what "burgundy" would be. Very dark red that leans somewhat magenta-blue. When applied sheer, it gives a cherry-stained (innocent?) effect; when applied in a thicker manner, it changes to a much edgier vibe.

The lipstick isn't too creamy. Just emollient enough to glide over lips and apply well without too much tugging and pulling. It is also creamy enough to be able to blend just by slightly running over it...which, of course, translates to it wiping away and transferring incredibly easily. Somehow though the lipstick does "stain" a little and I am usually left with a nice cherry-, wine-stained color after.

While it doesn't dry my lips out, the formula also isn't super moisturizing either. My lips don't have to be slathered in lip balm beforehand but it looks better on softened lips. Product doesn't settle into the fine lip wrinkles; it does catch onto dry patches, flakes, and deeper lines/cuts. I found dabbing the product on via the tube OR lightly brushing it on with a lip brush helps avoid streaking and irritating any dry skin.

I didn't think cashmere could be a good description for a lipstick finish but now it seems to fit the High Color Lipstick well in the sense that a fresh application of the lipstick looks matte yet still somehow soft. I guess it helps that it doesn't make my lips look desert dry or crackly. I can freely move them every which way and it never feels constricted.

Added fragrance isn't on the ingredients list I found on the JSM Beauty Korea website. There isn't any noticeable scent either when taking a whiff of the lipstick by itself. Just neutral.

How I Apply

Gradient // Lightly dab the lipstick on the inner portions of my lips in multiple light layers depending on what color intensity I feel. Use a brush, finger, or cotton swab to feather out the outer edges to blend with my lip color.

Full color // Either directly swipe the lipstick all across my lips and then fix any streaks and patches with a brush OR slowly build up to the full color intensity with multiple layers via brush.

lavlilacs Review JUNGSAEMMOOL High Color Lipstick - High Matt Burgundy lip swatch buildability face

Thoughts & Recommendations

I honestly didn't think I would like the High Matt Burgundy lipstick as much as I do now. I love how versatile the pigmentation is with just one tube of color. The above photo was taken the same day with the same base and eye makeup. I appreciate how it isn't overly drying just for the sake of achieving the matte look. Even though some might find it too smudgy, I enjoyed the fact that the lipstick is easy to blend, even if it means it can easily smear and wipe off, without feeling like it is tacky or slippery.

JUNGSAEMMOOL doesn't offer a bajillion lipstick shades: 7 in each the High Matt and High Glow variety and 6 in the High Master grouping. A handful are more daring (violets, deep purples, mints), a few are for color mixing/concealing (white, black, brown, and beige), and everything else offered are incredible wearable and/or classic shades (nudes, pinks, and reds).

Pricing-wise these seem to be on par with higher-end brands (over USD $20 but under $50). While the packaging itself doesn't state how many grams of product it has, visually it looks to be similar to your typical bullet of rouge. It was quite the splurge for me considering how little lip product I wear on the daily, even with the Peach & Lily holiday discount. But I may have had a change of heart since, solely because of how many checkmarks it ticked off on my lipstick preference wish list.

It would save a lot of time, effort, and money to continue stick to this line of product. I may consider purchasing another shade in the High Matt range—specifically Nude, Ginger Brown, and/or Real Red. Thinking of repurchasing Burgundy isn't even an option considering how long this current tube may last me. When that day comes and the stars align (i.e. I am still in love with the deep dark reds and JUNGSAEMMOOL still makes this item) then yes I would buy the High Color Lipstick in a heartbeat.