Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam

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lavlilacs Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam Review

I have tried my fair share of cleansers; a majority of the cleansers I've gone through were cleansing foams in fact. Of the squeezable and lathering cleansing varieties I have gone through, I don't think I have ever come across one (at least in recent memory) that did not leave my face feeling immediately tight and parched after rinsing. Supposedly it is the sulfates doing (darn those foaming agents); supposedly pH in typical cleansers is too high for our skin (acid mantles need to be kept).

But who knows precisely what the definitive reason is right? I just know that when I hear someone say something doesn't leave their skin too dry or tight, especially when it is a skincare guru like Gothamist, and as I've heard for Pyunkang Yul's Cleansing Foam, I get curious. Learning that it's from a Korean traditional medicinal brand that focuses on minimal yet effective ingredients was just the perfect toppings on the cake.

lavlilacs Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam packaging

Ohlolly's description:

A gentle but mighty cleansing foam made with ledebouriella seseloides extract that deliver highly effective cleansing with lots of delightful bubbles. The stretchy consistency of Pyunkang Cleansing Foam adheres to dirt and oil trapped in pores, and removes them leaving skin feeling clean and fresh without drying. For all skin types.

1. Squeeze a small amount onto hand and apply to dry skin
2. Use palms to stretch out the cleanser onto skin
3. Apply water to create a rich lather then rinse with lukewarm water


Cleansing foam 180ml / 60 Fl. oz.

Pyunkang Yul (Korean retail): ₩12,000
Ohlolly: USD $12.00
StyleKorean: USD $12.00
Amazon: USD $12.00
oo35mm: USD $12.99

lavlilacs Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam security label

lavlilacs Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam tube front and back

lavlilacs Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam tube security seal


Previously, it came in a blue and white tube with a black cap. Currently, Pyunkang Yul sells this cleansing foam in an all white tube. From what I could find the formulation hasn't changed. With that being said any other comments I make about the packaging might be useless since I don't have the "renewal" version to look at and compare.

Even still I want to gush about how lovely the box was designed. It felt so luxurious and the textured cardboard material had some heft. I loved how the entire label took on the role of the security seal to give that extra reassurance the product had never been tampered with. I was not expecting the small details to be so well thought out for a cleanser that was relatively inexpensive.

lavlilacs Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam swatch close up

lavlilacs Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam swatch

Color, Texture, & Scent

The product itself is white in color and extremely lightweight. It isn't stiff and dry like typical foaming cleansers. There is a perfumy quality to it due to the added fragrance but isn't overpowering.

The weirdest thing about this cleanser is it's slimy, stretchiness. I guess the best way to describe it, as gross as it sounds, would be milky...snot consistency. It is easy to spread but trying to foam all of the product with just bare hands and water requires a little more effort since it likes to stick to skin. This is supposedly their marketing point though: high adhesion to impurities in order to clean out pores.

lavlilacs Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam whipped foam

How I Apply

I prefer to use this as a second cleanse. I generously pre-lather the cleansing foam with either a foaming net or the foam maker cup contraptions—both create airy whipped bubbles with just a small about of water and product. Afterwards, I proceed to massage the foam all over my face and neck until the bubbles deflate by half and then rinse off with water.

This goes against the OHLOLLY's recommended instructions (apply onto dry skin, then lather and rinse) but I use less product per cleanse this way while reducing the possibility of over tugging and pulling my skin.

Thoughts & Recommendations

As per usual, the cleanser has a bunch of skin beneficial claims. Cleaner pores, clean feeling, non-drying. For me, as long as I don't break out from using the product and it isn't overly drying I am a happy customer. I can keep my pores clear via other methods.

Gothamista tested the pH level herself and found that the cleanser is around pH 7. The ideal for skincare is said to be pH 5.5 (slightly acidic).

While I have had clearer pores lately, I cannot confidently say this cleanser is the sole reason why. I am certain though that this is one of the first cleansing foams I have used that makes me feel refreshed and clean without having that squeaky clean feel. Wiping my face afterward with toner and cotton pad produces minimal residual dirt.

Now I cannot say I do not ever experience tightness or dryness with this cleanser. If I do, I would be lying. Heck, there isn't one cleanser out there that won't do that because the act of cleansing is to remove dirt, impurities, and oils which means if moisture isn't replenished right away the skin will, therefore, be tight and dry. With Pyunkang Yul's Cleansing Foam though, I have found that I can sit around just a little longer before following up with my skincare routine. The waiting period differs when the weather is drier and more humid of course.

I am very satisfied with this cleanser. It does what it needs to do and mostly what it promises. I like that the ingredients list is kept to a minimum without much compromise elsewhere. The tube of product is huge when considering how much is needed for each use. I have been using my tube for almost 4 months nightly and have a fair bit of it left. To top it all off, it is inexpensive at USD $12. For anyone looking for something that is sulfate-free, give it a try. As for whether I will repurchase, I am considering it—with the new trend of low pH cleansers on the rise, I would like to test my luck with other brands to find a cleanser that can elongate that drying out timeframe even more. If I don't find anything better I will gladly pick up another tube as a backup.