Project Make a Dent No. 4

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lavlilacs 2018 Project Make a Dent - beginning - cover

Technically my second beauty goal, but one I could actually start on day one of 2018. Project Make a Dent has helped clear out a good sized amount of my aging makeup collection over the last few years. The one part I missed most was seeing the progression shots since I never made it official in 2017. Even though I know very well that I pan out powders, the actual comparison shots give me so much more motivation. Hence my dedication to letting everyone know this year: I HAVE MY 2018 PICKS!!

*I am still going to be using newer makeup that I have. But since PMAD is about rediscovering and making a dent in older products, I won't include those in this series.

lavlilacs 2018 Project Make a Dent - beginning - products flat lay

Okay...I am embarrassed to admit how long some of these guys have been in my collection for. The oldest is from 2009 and the newest 2014, everything else sometime in between. Get at me. Tell me what a fool I am and how nasty it is. I deserve it! The best thing about having kept up with all these haul posts is the access to a digital, easily-searchable purchase diary.

My only defense is the older items are all powders and I have occasionally sprayed them with alcohol over all these years. With the "newer" cream products, they've only been recently opened within the last year or two. None have an off-smell nor any visibly different formulation changes. I have tried all the items recently and have been reaction-free as well.

lavlilacs 2018 Project Make a Dent - beginning - VDL MULE Ultimate Cover Palette in A03

VDL MULE Ultimate Cover Palette A03

One of the later purchases and even later opens in the stash of oldies. I remember purchasing this at a VDL shop in Edae towards the end of my study abroad time in Seoul way back in the summer of 2014. I believe there were two shades then; A03 was the darker of the two.

I originally wanted to buy a bunch of items from the MULE brand at the JUNG SAEM MOOL Inspiration salon/shop in Gangnam. I loved her skin-like transparent makeup style. I even went as far as to track down the building in the midst of alleyways and side streets yet couldn't bring myself to go inside. I thought I looked too shabby and would be out-of-place.

Then I found out that VDL and MULE had some sort of collab happening. While the products weren't 100% the same as the MULE ones, it was close enough to give me a taste of what it had to offer without all the intimidation of a high-end salon. I ended up blindly buying the Ultimate Cover Palette with just my confidence in Jung Saem Mool because VDL was a completely new brand to me.

Even though I bought this mid-2014, I hadn't actually opened and touched the creams until early-2017. There were just too many foundations and cushions already opened over the last few years; I couldn't bear to have bacteria fester and needing to toss it with it barely used.

The finish and coloring of the foundation aren't my favorite; it leans very matte, powdery, and not yellow enough for me—catching onto all my flakes and textural issues. I prefer to mix some of the foundation with Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer for a more liquid like application. On its own, the foundation offers medium coverage (varying with the application method used). When I mix it with the Nymph Aura Volumer, I get a much lighter coverage.

I haven't gotten around to using the pink blush shade. But the coral shade is pretty.

lavlilacs 2018 Project Make a Dent - beginning - Kate Lasting High Coverage Powder Foundation in OC-C

Kate Lasting High Coverage Powder Foundation OC-C

Bestie C helped me get this way back in 2012 when she visited family in Hong Kong. I think I opened this in 2016 after I finished the Maybelline Fit Me powder halfway into the 2016 edition of Project Make a Dent. I ended up using it a lot the rest of that year. Somewhere along the way in 2017, I moved onto translucent setting powder and have even gone setting powder free for some time now.

While I love having one less step in my morning routine, I would really like to get through the end of this powder foundation because it has been in my stash for far too long. I don't hate it but I also don't love it. I can't comment on the coverage since I never use it like a foundation, only with a big fluffy brush and with a light hand. The finish is very matte though which I have grown to avoid.

lavlilacs 2018 Project Make a Dent - beginning - Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Powder

Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Powder

Now the "Oldest product in this stash" award goes to this loose powder: 2009! I can't believe it myself. Yet it is true; search "Skinfood" and "powder" in my search bar and you'll see it in a post dated then. I long threw out the accompanying cream concealer. I'm not that crazy.~ Since this was a powder I gave it a free pass and kind of forgot about it all these years. Again, I tried this on many occasions in December and hadn't seen any reactions. So in it goes to the pile to be used up.

I like how lightweight the powder is without caking up over time. I swear I have seen my eyeliner hold up better when I powder the enire eyes area versus when I don't, especially my very outer corners where anything tends to smudge the easiest.

lavlilacs 2018 Project Make a Dent - beginning - MAC Cosmetics Mineralized Skinfinish in Pink Power

MAC Cosmetics Mineralized Skinfinish in Pink Power

The continuation item from last year. I just really want to see this pan out, especially since this was a 2011 purchase and I'm pretty sure I had my fingers and brushes all over it since then.

The bronzer shade isn't my favorite, a little too orange on me if applied wrong. I enjoyed the highlighting shimmers while it lasted. Both looked natural enough and sheen-like without any obnoxiously large glitter particles. It got way too difficult to get the product though as I reached closer to the pan, I need the smallest brush and had to pay careful attention to not pick up any bronzer.

lavlilacs 2018 Project Make a Dent - beginning - Milani Minerals Blushes in Sweet Rose and Luminous, MAC Cosmetics My Highland Honey

Milani Minerals Blushes in Sweet Rose and Luminous & MAC Cosmetics My Highland Honey

This may be the pitfall of PMAD No. 4. The last time I had too many options in one category of product I ended up ignoring most of them, ahem lipsticks in PMAD No. 1 and 2. My reasoning behind this year's picks is to try and dedicate a different season for each: Sweet Rose in the colder months, Luminous and My Highland Honey in the warmer ones. I've had the Milani blushes since 2012 and MAC since 2010. Time has been long overdue to give these some attention.

I have way too many blushes that are kind of similar in color and are way old in my collection. If I don't incorporate multiple blushes in a Project Make a Dent I may be using the blush I have for 10 more years at the rate I finish them.

Color payoff for all is pretty good. Milani ones are more pigmented than this particular MAC blush but it is a bolder shade so I don't mind.

lavlilacs 2018 Project Make a Dent - beginning - VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot in 502 Triple Burgundy and 101 Triple Pink

VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot in 502 Triple Burgundy and 101 Triple Pink

Another purchase I made during my first trip to Korea in 2014. I may not have known about VDL then but I sure came back with a bunch of their stuff. I love the idea of these triple color, gradient-ready lip products. Before Maybelline came out with their version which looked exactly like the VDL ones.

Pink and Burgundy stood out the most to me of the shades VDL offered. Both apply sheer but are easily buildable. They apply like a lip balm in that it has a sheen and a tad sticky but isn't the most moisturizing product out there; they definitely aren't drying though. I may keep it in my bags and/or coat pockets for touch ups since I would also like to incorporate newer lipsticks into my makeup routine on a more regular basis.

lavlilacs 2018 Project Make a Dent - beginning - Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I remember the hype over the original Naked palette like it was yesterday. Everyone all over YouTube and Blogger lost their minds a little with how great a color selection and pigmentation it was. I remember getting and using the palette for my high school prom look in 2011, just don't ask me what I actually used. After then I probably reached for this a couple dozen times over all these years? Otherwise, it's sole purpose was to look pretty in my stash.

But that time has passed! I shall give it the love it deserves. I mean I did spend all that money on it...