August Hauls

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lavlilacs August 2019 haul Glow Recipe, Peach & Lily sample sales

Even though I have only attended 3 of the 5 Peach & Lily sample sales, August is now a month I look forward to every year purely because of their mega-discounts. I was surprised by the products and pricing last year (as opposed to the year prior) but everything felt very familiar this time around. The location was the same. The layout was identical. Most brands and products offered last year were available this year and at the same prices. The biggest difference was probably in the manpower (in terms of check-out speed and frequent restocking).

I typically go to the sale hoping to get some new products to try. Since I have tried so many of the things they stocked at the sale this year, I found myself repurchased items that I enjoyed using. The biggest unexpected splurge was in the amount of makeup I picked up; Peach & Lily tagged them at $5 each in commemoration of their sample sale's 5th year anniversary. This included liners of many styles, palettes, lipsticks, and more. Plus, 90% of it was JUNGSAEMMOOL which on average retails ~$30+ each.

lavlilacs June 2019 haul Glow Recipe, Peach & Lily sample sales skincare makeup

Peach & Lily's 5th Annual Sample Sale (*Repurchases)
$1 Goodies:
Abib Gummy sheet mask Madeca sticker x3 Orig. $4

$2 Goodies:
Abib facial soap ivory brick Orig. $19
Abib facial soap grey brick Orig. $19

$5 Goodies:
aromatica Orange Blossom Toner Orig. $34
CREMORLAB O2 Couture Hydra Balancing Toner Orig. $29

$10 Goodies:
CREMORLAB O2 Couture Hydra Intensive Cream Orig. $40
*Abib Hydration gel Orig. $42
*Abib Hydration creme Orig. $42

$15 Goodies:
*Olivarrier Emollient Extra Comfort Cream Orig. $36
Eco Your Skin No. 15 Cream Orig. $55
*aromatica Orange Cleansing Sherbet Orig. $35

$20 Goodies:
Abib Hypoderma SP1-2GF SErum Orig. $92

$30 Goodies:
*Femmue Lumiere Vital C Orig. $88

$5 Makeup Grabs:
JUNGSAEMMOOL Refining Multi Eye Drawing - All Black x2 Orig. $23
JUNGSAEMMOOL Refining Multi Eye Drawing - Maple Brown x2 Orig. $23
*JUNGSAEMMOOL Artist Concealer Palette - Blend Orig. $45
JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Star Zone Brightener - Rose Orig. $29
JUNGSAEMMOOL High Color Lipstick High Matt - Ginger Brown Orig. $29
JUNGSAEMMOOL High Tinted Lip Laquer - Extreme Red Orig. $23
JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Glow Base - Pink Glow Orig. $32
W.Lab Real Fit Brush Eyeliner - Real Black Orig. ??

lavlilacs June 2019 haul Glow Recipe, Peach & Lily sample sales skincare makeup

Glow Recipe also surprised with their own sample sale earlier in August but for very different reasons than Peach & Lily. The brand was trying to rid their non-brand items to focus on their new business endeavors. Discounts weren't nearly as steep and surprisingly there was a limit per item. As the sale came closer to an end though they tacked on extra discounts for buying quantity (i.e. Buy 4 items 20% off, Buy 6 get 25% off, Buy 8 get 30% off).

To be honest, I wouldn't have gotten most of the things I got had it not been the bonus discount. I was only very interested in the YURIPIBU and leegeehaam ampoules. It was surprising to see the Glow Recipe Avocado mask but later found out they were releasing their newly reformulated Retinol Avocado mask the same day/week so it made sense for them to try to rid old stock.

Glow Recipe's Sample Sale:
YURIPIBU Asiatica Calming Ampoule $25
leegeehaam Glow Vita Propolis Ampoule $18
make p:rem Peel me. Radiance peeling sleeping pack $18
Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask $23
common labs Ggultamin B, C, and E Real Ampoule Mask $3 each

This summer in general seemed to be the time forpop-ups from the various Korean e-businesses based in NYC. June and July were Krave Beauty and Then I Met You. August was Soko Glam, Glow Recipe, and Peach & Lily. With Soko Glam's residency in Soho being a full month long with abundannt IG story mentions, I couldn't not stop by even once.

I love being able to see some of the stuff they curate in person. There isn't anything like being able to touch and smell the product before deciding to purchase. They even had a sink available for visitors to get the full experience of the makeup removers and cleansers which I think all beauty/skincare shops should offer.

I visited a week too early and missed out on the end-of-pop-up discounts. But perhaps it was for the better because I controlled myself better and only allowed for a small purchase of a cleansing balm to replace my current, almost empty, tub.

Soko Glam's NYC Pop Up Shop:
E NATURE Moringa cleansing balm $23