Giveaway alert!

Coffretgorge's Birthday Giveaway

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1) You must publicly follow her blog.
2) Simply leave a comment along with your e-mail address on her post.
3) Reposting is optional, but will get you 2 bonus entries. If you reposted, please leave the link along with your comment and e-mail.
Comment with your email = 1 entry
Comment with your email and link = 3 entries
4) Open to both local and international readers.
5) Ends July 31, 2010 (PHT +8:00)

The End & New Beginnings!

End of the school year (for me) as an high school junior ^__^
Bye Bye final exams!
Bye Bye regents exams!
Bye Bye AP exams! (took 2..can't wait to get my scores)
Bye Bye SAT I (took 1 and did better than expected) & II (took 3 and did ehh on it >__<)!

Hello summer vacation!
Hello internship!
Hello relaxation! (kind of...not really - going to be a busy searching)

I can't wait!!!

How's everyone else spending their summer? :]

Giveaway alert!

Another awesome giveaway I want to share :]

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WHO: One winner will be chosen by (Maybe 2nd & 3rd winners depending on entries.)
WHAT: Choose any Korean Brand(s) you like. (She'll try her best to get you the one you want.) You can choose up to 3 products and up to $60 worth of makeup/skincare/etc. (No bulky or heavy items.)
WHEN: Now - July 31st! She will email you when a winner is chosen. You must reply back within 2 days so she has time to buy your items. Otherwise, another winner will be chosen.
WHERE: She'll be purchasing them while she's am in Korea and sending the items to you when she returns to the States.
WHY: Sometimes Korean makeup can be hard to come across for many people. So you can choose items that you've always wanted to try or want or already love!
HOW TO ENTER: 3 easy peasy steps!
1. You must be a follower of her blog.
2. Leave a comment with your email & blog. Briefly, tell her why you want to try or already love Korean makeup!
3. Make a post on your blog about the 'I HAVE SEOUL' MAKEUP GIVEAWAY! with the Giveaway Photo. She will check! (Doesn't have to be a full post.)
SUGGESTIONS: TheFACESHOP, Banila Co., Etude House, SkinFood, Laniege, etc.