The End & New Beginnings!

9:47:00 PM mandy 2 Comments

End of the school year (for me) as an high school junior ^__^
Bye Bye final exams!
Bye Bye regents exams!
Bye Bye AP exams! (took 2..can't wait to get my scores)
Bye Bye SAT I (took 1 and did better than expected) & II (took 3 and did ehh on it >__<)!

Hello summer vacation!
Hello internship!
Hello relaxation! (kind of...not really - going to be a busy searching)

I can't wait!!!

How's everyone else spending their summer? :]


  1. Hey congratulations~! :D I miss being in school and getting summer breaks, haha.

  2. Yay to graduating from high school!

    Hmm... Sugar Orange is more of a pink grapefruit colour instead of an orange =]