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Coffretgorge's Birthday Giveaway

(click on image to go to her blog)

1) You must publicly follow her blog.
2) Simply leave a comment along with your e-mail address on her post.
3) Reposting is optional, but will get you 2 bonus entries. If you reposted, please leave the link along with your comment and e-mail.
Comment with your email = 1 entry
Comment with your email and link = 3 entries
4) Open to both local and international readers.
5) Ends July 31, 2010 (PHT +8:00)


  1. Coool thanks for posting about this giveaway, I haven't been online for the past week and I miss so much! lol

    Thanks for joining in my giveaway too! If I wasn't hosting it, I'd be hitting up the entries too XD


  2. hehe thanks for commenting Mandy! the sum of the missing box actually adds up more than $2500 now I just calculated, it has more items inside than I thought :P silly me.

    I'd love to see your stash, please post some pics about it =)!

  3. @Tammy

    NP :] Glad to share great giveaways!


    Wow lucky you found it! If I thought I lost that much I think I would be very 心痛 (hehe sorry for the weird english/chinese. I don't know how to describe it in english xD)

    Hmm that doesn't sound very hard. Let me organize it a bit more so it doesn't look like a complete mess first :P

  4. haha me too, can't believe the water is that blue...
    you should definitely go there when you have chance ^_^