Benton Honest Tea Tree Mist

lavlilacs Benton Honest Tea Tree Mist Review

At first, I was captivated by the innovative design. Benton's Honest Tea Tree Mist even sounds and looks like the answer to my dehydrated, acne-prone skin. Then, a single trait turned the product into something I didn't look forward to using. It was a packaging choice that turned me away, ironically; just not the one that attracted me.

lavlilacs Benton Honest Tea Tree Mist packaging

Benton's description:

Benton Tea Tree Mist contains Tea Tree Leaf Water, Hyaluronic Acid, and various botanical extracts to provide instant hydration while leaving skin refreshed and clear.

- Skin with dehydration and tightness
- Skin with poor-oil water balance
- Skin that needs improvement and protection from damage
- Skin that needs a water-based product due to excess sebum
- Skin that is irritated and needs soothing/hydration
- Delicate skin that is sensitive to harmful chemicals and external stressors

- Beneficial skin types: For all skin types
- Bottle type: Plastic tube vacuum spray
- pH: Slightly Acidic pH
- Viscosity: Liquid type
- Scent: Unscented (Free of Chemical Fragrance)
- Color: Transparent (Free of Chemical Coloring)

Using as a skin toner // When you spray to your skin directly, please spray from about 30cm distances and then softly pat your face to help your skin to absorb the product. You can use your palm or cotton pad.

Using as a mist // Please pump from more than about 30cm distances. Please spray over your face instead of spraying directly to your skin after applying the makeup. You can apply it from time to time when you feel your skin dry.


Mist 80 ml / 2.70 oz *New*
Mist 40 ml / 1.35 oz

Benton (Korean retail - 80ml): ₩16,000
Benton (USA retail - via eBay - 80ml): USD $19.00
Benton (USA retail - via eBay - 40ml): USD $11.00
oo35mm (40ml): USD $11.99
Soko Glam (40ml): USD $11.00

lavlilacs Benton Honest Tea Tree Mist bottle back and front

lavlilacs Benton Honest Tea Tree Mist close up


Unique vacuum tube with a spray nozzle attachment. This is the first I have seen it for any mist and theoretically, a great choice as the tube is malleable and could suck every drop of liquid out as it is sprayed. The nozzle part is not removable which makes the seal airtight and leak free; plus, it is great size and design to keep as a travel mist.

lavlilacs Benton Honest Tea Tree Mist sprayed

Color, Texture, Finish, & Scent

The liquid is colorless and orderless. It feels just like water—no tackiness, no residue. Skin doesn't become dewy or matte, just softer and more hydrated.

How I Apply

In-between skincare steps // Especially between cleansing and toning because I tend to wait a while before toner and my skin gets tight and dry during that time.

On my dry chapped hands // Helps relieve tightness I get during the cold weather without the residue like with lotion.

Thoughts & Recommendations

Mists can be kind of boring. The effects are fleeting and formulations strikingly similar. I have a deep appreciation for brands who choose to differentiate via packaging selection. When it works, it is perfection. When it doesn't, the product itself is overshadowed by poorly functioning delivery.

Sadly the latter is where the Benton Honest Tea Tree Mist fits. The formulation is alright: lightweight, non-sticky, and non-irritating (both for skin and eyes). I love that I don't have to angle the bottle every which way to spritz every last drop of liquid out. But the mist the nozzle gives feels like I am attacked by a weak water gun (a more dramatic analogy yet not without some truths); it is a short and strong burst that results in large drops of liquid on my face rather than cloud minuscule droplets.

This version of Benton's mist doesn't have the most pleasant user experience. It does seem like the brand has recently released a larger version in a more typical looking plastic, transparent mist bottle with the same formulation that may be more worth checking out.

Like the ATOCLASSIC mist, I think sensitive skin folks and those ingredient-conscious would probably love this spray because it is free of fragrance, parabens, and essential oils. I wouldn't recommend the 40ml version based on the mist nozzle alone. It is also quite a small amount of product for the price (~USD $11). If the nozzle were improved upon I may have a change of heart and keep one handy for carrying around.

Daily Look | Fall Vibes

lavlilacs 2018 PMAD daily makeup look, fall vibes

I call this the Autumn look but, truth be told, I've been sporting this color palette since the summer; orange, brown, and gold are versatile shades and effortlessly compatible with either season. It seems to go well with both my tanned skin tone and, now, slightly lighter tone. Paired with loose waves that veer brown-ish under bright sunlight, this continues to be my styling of choice at the moment.

Looking at this photo makes me itch to dye my hair a chocolatey brown shade with a wavy perm. Knowing me though, I would be terrible at upkeeping colored and damaged hair.

lavlilacs 2018 PMAD daily makeup look, fall vibes eyes

lavlilacs 2017 2018 PMAD daily makeup look, fall vibes - products used details

Redness is always an issue on my face. Typically it is the residual effects of acne while most other times it is just blotchiness. I use the MAYBELLINE Master Camo Color Correcting Pen 10 Green to target said spots and blend it out with the JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Star-cealer Foundation Puff. I spread about half a pump of the JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Star-cealer Foundation in Medium Deep in the compact itself, lightly dab it onto the JSM puff, and stamp it onto my face (starting from the inner regions and moving towards the outer areas). If I feel like I need more coverage for under the eyes, around the nose, or on other discoloration then I will take a brush and work the included concealer into my routine as well. I apply a light wash of the BECCA Cosmetics Beach Tint in Lychee on my cheeks. Then set my entire base with a light dusting of the Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Powder. I apply the bronzer shade from MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish in Pink Power under my cheekbones and on the temples of my face. MAC Cosmetics My Highland Honey is the main focal point of the look, in my opinion, so I generously apply it to my cheeks. I smooth the Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up! on the tip of my nose, on top of my cheekbones, and in the space above (but between) my eyebrows for highlight.

My eye makeup is far more simple in comparison. I mix Urban Decay eyeshadows in Naked and Buck before applying all over the eyelid and the lower lash line. Then I sweep some of Half Baked onto the middle-ish section of my lids space, following with Dark Horse in the outer corners of the eyes. Since my eyelids are constantly fluctuating between double and triple folds, I stick to my version of tight-lining with the Revlon Colorstay Eye Liner in Black Brown to avoid creasing issues. I end the makeup look by filling in my natural brow shape with the innisfree Brow Master Pencil in Gray.

September & October Hauls

lavlilacs September October 2018 hauls Urban Outfitters, Sephora, Taiwan souvenir

The past couple of months haven't been very exciting in terms of beauty purchases. I realize I don't need much in my stash after, basically, overdosing from the Peach & Lily sale. The purchases I ended up making were mostly due to sales and coupons to fill in for categories I couldn't/didn't shop at the sample sale.

UO had a bunch of random beauty sales through the month and I racked up a bunch of $5 coupons from their, relatively new, revamped UO Rewards system (which is still pretty ambiguous but not terrible). Bestie C offered her 15% VIB code during the Appreciation Event in September and I took the opportunity to finally get a scalp scrub to try against my oily hair.

Urban Outfitters purchase:
stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner - Intense Black Orig. $22 Sale $18
ohii mini mascara Orig. $16 Sale $14
NatureLab Perfect Volume Texture Mist Orig. $12 Sale $10
TONYMOLY Dr.Logy Blemish Pair Capsule Ampoule Orig. $24 Sale $10.49

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Seat Salt Orig. $24 Sale $10.49
Nexcare Acne Patches "souvenirs" from Aunt's Taiwan trip x12