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The situation is...
Yesterday some my graduate class at my HS found out that our portrait photos will be taken next week. (We're currently juniors)
It came as a surprise because 1.it would make more sense to have them taken maybe in the summer or fall when we come back to school since a lot of things could happen over a couple of months, 2.they only gave us 1 week's notice.
My mom has already confirmed that I do not need to get a haircut, but I have another situation...
I have lots acne scars and blemishes all over my cheeks and chin :(
Does anyone have any recommendations for concealer/powder/foundation that will cover it but still look natural and is flash photography friendly (aka no mask face)?

------some funny stories related to this (at least I think they're quite amusing)------
1. On the postcard that suggests what we should wear/do in preparation for the picture day it includes "Apply concealer or powder to minimize blemishers & shine"
-It probably won't sound that unusual, but my school is pretty big (my graduating class has ~1000+ people) and I doubt half of them wear makeup (mostly guys & some girls).

2. People started to get these index cards that tells us what day we're taking the photos yesterday, and a guy in my class shaved his head >__< But then again, he doesn't seem like a person that would care if he had hair or was bald in his yearbook photo. Lol


  1. Hi Mandy, sorry to hear what short notice you guys got for your photos :(
    Hmmm I always really liked Diorskin Nude/Forever for light-medium coverage and they both look fantastic in photos. The downside is that they are quite pricey though. Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks! It is a bit pricey, maybe I'll ask for a sample from Sephora :P

  3. I knowww I love JS products even though it might not be the best in quality that the price point can buy hehe I'm such a sucker for packaging!