Love Package from Lotus Palace

5:18:00 PM mandy 18 Comments

About a month ago I entered LotusPalace’s giveaway.
Now we all know how popular Lotus Palace is :P So I wasn’t expecting anything.
But lo and behold a couple of weeks ago…she posted that I won! ^__^
I received her package yesterday and thought it’d be nice to share what I got :]

Front of the package

Back of the package
Her packages are always so pretty and cute! :P

Look it gets better!
Put into a nice baggie. Hehe I get easily amused ^__^

Top L to R (extras): Cosline Herb Essence Mask & Cosline Tomato Essence Mask
Bottom L to R (actual prizes): Hiaruronsan Hyaluronic Acid Gel & Covercom Stick Foundation - Shade 01


  1. congradulations!!! i love ur blog too cute!♥

    come see mine

  2. love this post!

    you should enter my giveaway!!

  3. sounds like you are big fan? =)
    ooh i wanted to try the Hiaruronsan Hyaluronic Acid Gel - it's so cute!

  4. Congrats on winning the giveaway!
    Thanks for joining mine btw and liking my reviews :) I really appreciate it.

  5. @Babybubblz

    Of course I'm a fan of LotusPalace. Who isn't? lol Just browsing through her blog makes me happy xD

    @Dina (XYYan)
    Thank you! ^__^

  6. aw, congrats on winning :) the packaging is SO cute >_<

    RE: yeah you're right... maybe I will just have to settle for shaving my hair off >__< hahaha XD

  7. I agree! But i think it's alright if it's an indulgent for once in a while :)

  8. Awww... congrats on winning Mandy dear! Please do review these products =]

  9. Thank you!

    I'll try to do reviews in the future (I hope they won't be too bad :X)

  10. Yay for packages!! I always love it when the lovepacks are decorated =) pretty packaging :p and btw, I really like the swatches on the OPI rumples wigglin. Might have to pick that up :)

  11. Thank you! Let me know how you like it when you do pick it up ^__^

  12. I will try to review the mascara, but not so soon I think cause I still have to finish a few opened mascaras before open a new one :)

  13. you should def. visit the soho JS Store next time ^^!

    i think i'd be getting their blushes only, possibily get 05 first since it's LE :P

    what are you contemplating to get from their soho store??

  14. Maybe a jelly eye color since I don't wear eyeshadow but maybe would like a little color to start off with? Do you recommend any colors? ^__^

    And..maybe the powder foundation if they have it, blush, and nailpolish if it isn't too expensive for me :X

    If I get all that I'll have to not buy anything for a while! lol Or I could use my CNY money that I should be saving...xD

    I wonder if the soho JS store is updated with the collections...

  15. Oooh, do get the LE creme sticks! I heard that the pigmentation is better =]