Swatch: American Apparel Nail Lacquer Office

11:19:00 AM mandy 2 Comments

I got this a few Saturdays ago when best friend and I went to Soho for a shopping day :]

I haven’t posted the haul post yet but I couldn’t wait to try it.

It’s very different from what I usually wear and a lot of people had been trying out these minty/jade-y nail colors. I got sucked in :X

If Best Friend didn’t say she wanted to go to American Apparel to look for nail polishes, I would have never known they even had lol So this was a pretty impulse buy.

When we went they sold for $6 each (if I remember correctly) and 3 for $15. So the prices are about the same as Essie and OPI if you can get them at nail/beauty supply store prices.

The color I got is in Office. I only saw a couple of the names and they are pretty…unique? I wonder why they chose office for this color.

It is a pretty thick yet slightly liquidy and opaque formula. I believe I only put 1 coat of this on and it turned out pretty well. With this sort of formula, I like to apply it towards the center and leave some space from the outer edges so it makes my nails look slimmer lol

Anyways…no more babbling. Swatches down below! ^__^

Taken with natural light & flash

Taken with natural light & no flash

Taken with artificial light & flash


  1. Thanks for the swatch the mint green is very cute !! ;)

  2. Very cute! :] I don't have a mint green color yet either, but I'm still looking...might try this one now ^^