Swatch: OPI Rumples Wiggin'

11:16:00 PM mandy 9 Comments

I think this has become one of my favorite nail polishes ^__^
Although it applied a bit streaky, after the 2nd coat it is pretty opaque and you can't really see strokes. Still have to be careful when applying it. Have to work quickly! And the top coat helped to even it out (a little bit) so no worries.
It's a really pretty color. If you can get your hands on it, try it :]

Left one is OPI Rumples Wiggin'

One coat only (Taken when I was applying)

Two coats with top coat w/ Flash (Taken couple of days after, excuse the chipping :X)

Two coats with top coat w/out Flash (Taken couple of days after, excuse the chipping :X)


  1. ohhh! the lavender looks really flattering on your skintone.. i wonder if it will as flattering on mine. :)

  2. Thank you! I love light purples and it's hard to find one that doesn't look funny on my nails :X

    Let me know how it goes if you're able to try it out ^__^

  3. The nail color looks very cute!!!

  4. Loving that lilac color. Wish I could pull off pale colors, but my skin usually only looks good with dark stuff...

  5. Really? Darker colors seem too bold for me :X
    Complete opposite xD

  6. Hi there~ Thanks for visiting my blog :D

    Your nails are so long and have such pretty shapes... mine are short and stubby =_=
    anyways~ to answer your question ^^ no they're not any different. I actually didn't know their English translation names so I translated them myself XD but tks for the info I will update them ^^

  7. Thank you! :]

    Actually if I cut my nails they make my fingers look very short and stubby so I like to grow them long :P It elongates it a bit (illusions..LOL)

  8. nice post its really cool

    great nail polish
    i like it