My MU Stash as of July 2010

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A blogger friend, Jennifer, asked to see my MU stash a while ago (sorry I didn’t post it until now :X). I took the pictures, edited, and even uploaded it and forgot all about them LOL…shame on me.
It’s probably not a lot compared to others, but for me…a student with no income and doesn’t wear MU often…it is a lot. As I started to follow more and more blogs, and subscribe to more and more YouTubers…I get more and more interested in MU. Call me vain but…inside I want to look pretty too :] (I’ve never been an attractive girl appearance-wise..nope…and yes my self-confidence and self-esteem are pretty low) It’s my secret from my friends, since (except maybe a couple) none of them are interested in MU/skincare, and family (my mom isn’t even into skincare >__<

Skincare Products that I keep in the bathroom
Nothing much has changed here.

Miscellaneous products sitting on my bookshelf.
I believe the container is from Target (purple=love!)
Nothing much has changed here.

Top drawer of a 3-tier storage system. Sits on my writing desk.
Very sad draw LOL The only fake lashes that I own and a brush that came in a product but I don’t use it.
Now it also has my extra bag of MUJI cotton in there.

Middle drawer of a 3-tier storage system. Sits on my writing desk.
Some makeup samples/foundations/lip products/eye products that I don’t reach for as much.
My Hiaruronsan Hyaluronic Acid Gel is also sitting in there waiting for the winter time :]

Bottom drawer of a 3-tier storage system. Sits on my writing desk.
My lotions from B&BW. I use to be obsessed with their lotions until I realized I couldn’t use up the ones I have so I stopped. Pretty proud of myself…haven’t bought anything unnecessary from there in a long time! And the lush soap that I haven’t brought myself to use yet…but might use it soon since I have a very bad tan and I’m hoping the grainy bits can help me exfoliate my tan away.
**This storage system is from Target.

Brushes. Some skincare. and Miscellaneous items that I used often in the morning and nighttime.
It’s on a 6-tier storage system (it has wheels! lol)
This is from Staples if anyone was wondering :]

First drawer (from top). Full of bb creams/foundations/primers/concealers/powders/blushes.

Fourth drawer (from top). My masks drawer and brushes drawer.

Last drawer. Miscellaneous drawer (I have a lot of these drawers LOL)

Last but not least…my samples box :]
Maybe it’s my most prized possession hehe because I made it all by myself (with a little help from my woodshop teacher of course).


  1. Wow! Seems you like Neutrogena stuff a lot...

  2. Lol those are just samples that my mom got from somewhere :P I haven't actually tried it.

  3. I can't believe I haven't followed you yet! But I have now :D
    Thanks for showing your stash! I really love to see other blogger's stash, they're fun to look at :). Wow, you made the woodbox, that's really impressive!

  4. Hehe thank you! I couldn't believe it when I completed it either (My parents still don't believe me!) :P

  5. Thanks for sharing :) looks very organised :) my stuff usually just piled on top of each other haha :)

  6. Thank you!
    It can look messier but I try to stop myself from being too lazy xD