More 2011 Empties

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Look what I found when I was unpacking my things!! More empties...YAY ^__^

Most of them are not completely finished because they're either really old and needs to be thrown out or I know definitely expired (this sounds repetitive but you'll understand when you read further down :P)

Anyway...I guess I did 'finish' more products in 2011 than I remembered!

1. Laneige Star White Multi-Protector SPF40 PA+++
I actually bought this second-hand from a seller on Soompi. I really wanted to try it but couldn't go to the store or order a new one from online. At the time I completely forgot to ask when she purchased it. It's already been over a year maybe even two since I bought it from the seller so I feel it's time to toss it out.

I thought this product was okay. Nothing to scream about. It's very liquidy and easy to blend. I liked the consistency of it the most. But I think it was a rather tacky/sticky product. This product seems to be discontinued anyway (with the Star White line) so it's a good thing I didn't end up loving it :P

2. Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Treatment
I've used this acne treatment for a very...very...long time. I never really liked it. It stung a lot! Especially if I happened to have an open wound. The product would also take a long time to dry down and when it did it would leave a dry/tight spot on my face. I don't know how I would be able to apply it multiple times through the day (as suggested) if I wore makeup or even sunscreen for the matter. Maybe it's just my skin, but I didn't see very extraordinary results from this product :\

3. Lush Grease Lightning
I requested this in a giveaway I won from LaBelleMel a long time ago. At the time a few YouTubers/bloggers mentioned how much they liked it. After trying it...I didn't get the same results as them! Sucks when this happens. In fact, I didn't have any results ._. When I applied it, it didn't have any stinging like other acne treatments I've tried. But it would dry and leave some sort of a clear film on my face. Once it cracks and it'll start to flake off. Is that normal? I also didn't get to finish this product because it has an expiration date since Lush doesn't use preservatives/use a very little amount of preservatives.

4. H20+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment (oil-free)
I received this sample from Lil Lady's Life's giveaway package. I've reviewed the full-sized product here.

5. MAC Cosmetics Fix+
This bottle lasted me quite some time. I only used this after I applied my makeup to give me the dewy look or to look less powdery. I really liked this product. I can't put how I feel about it in words (I know this sounds ridiculous...I should be able to tell you why I like a product but it's just one of those that just is products hehe) =.= Fix+ made me look very natural whenever I had makeup on...I'd probably repurchase this after I finish a few of the mists that I currently have.


  1. I wanna try the Mac Fix +. hahah There are too many things that I wanna try, but I gotta finish up all the stuff I already have. :)

    Ohhh new template. I like it.

  2. I love your new template! Yay for the finished products! <3

  3. Popcorn: I know that feeling all too well xD Thanks about the template! The header didn't come out like the demo did and I can't figure out how to fix it...oh well.

    LittoMokaa: Finishing products is so exciting! & Thanks :) Finding a template that I like takes so long :X

  4. O_O maybe you should stop using the treatment if it stings a lot?!?!???? I don't know I'm not at all familiar with acne treatment... but... if it stings doesn't it aggravate the spots?!?!?!???????

    I like the fix+ too! I used it up a long time ago and currently have too many mists on hand that I still need to finish. but I think I will repurchase that ^_^

  5. Frances: Really? I thought since most acne treatments stung/burned it was normal =.= I'm tossing it out's getting old! xD I have too many mists too. Same, Fix+ will be on my to get list for the future hehe

  6. YAY for more empties! I toss items that have have gone bad and don't any longer either. No point in wasting precious time with lame products!

  7. Ashley: Agreed! :D After having them for so long & not getting great results from it...I don't feel as bad for throwing them out unfinished.